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Iodine & Natural Supplements for Thyroid Health

At Advanced Alternatives Center you will find a number of all-natural items to help various bodily functions and ailments. Body Ecology’s Ancient Earth Minerals is a blended supplement that aides in detoxifying the body while also helping thyroid health and combating aging. There is also Adrenal Support, a supplement supplied with specific ingredients to help combat stress levels in the body. For an alternative with extra boost, Adrenal Cortex Extract is a supplement which helps reduce stress while also boosting energy.

Advanced Alternatives Center also has vitamins for thyroid complications which help support thyroid health. Thyroid Blend is a vitamin supplement combined with iodine which boosts thyroid hormones specifically. Aside from the vitamins to help thyroid issues, the nascent atomic iodine is an iodine supplement in liquid form which helps boost thyroid health. There is also an Ocean Plant Extract on Advanced Alternative Center which helps thyroid issues, but also purges the body of certain harmful metals. Strengthen and balance your thyroid today with one of these great, natural supplements!

Thyroid Information Center

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Global Healing Detoxadine Nascent Atomic Iodine 1 fl oz. Expires August 2017 Essential Therapeutics Adrenal Cortex Extract (120 Caps, 250 mg)
List Price: $29.95
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List Price: $30.00
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Global Healing Detoxadine Nascent Atomic Iodine 0.5 oz (15ml) Adrenal Cortex Extract (250 mg) 120 capsules
Rated best iodine! Detoxadine is a high-quality daily nascent iodine supplement that supports thyroid health, supports the immune system and reduces effects of radiation exposure, helps balance iodine levels. Adrenal Cortex tissue provides focused support for healthy adrenal glands. Helps to promote energy and a healthy stress
response, Supports healthy cortisol levels and sex hormone function.
Thyroid Blend with 900mcg Iodine
List Price: $36.00
Sale Price: $27.95
You save $8.05!
Thyroid Blend with 900mcg Iodine
Thyroid Blend Formula provides iodine and raw adrenal concentrates including thyroid hormones (Thyroxin, T4 free) to improve your thyroid production. This product is designed to help support T4 and boost T3 thyroid hormones.


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