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Incredible Unedited EZorb Customer Testimonials

Hi, Tanya Beck Here from Advanced Alternatives Center. I hope you find these true stories as heartwarming and inspirational as I have. These stories have been written by customers that have used EZorb and have attained incredible results. As I have myself.

Since its North America inception, EZorb Calcium has attracted more than two hundred thousand customers. The Repeat Buy Rate over the past three years is an average 87.6%. In other words, out of 100 first-time buyers more than 87 became long-term EZorb users. This is simply unheard of in the Nutrition Supplements Industry. EZorb Calcium has changed many people's life in many ways.

What type of inspiration do you need?

Osteoporosis Testimonies

Hi, my name is Karen. I was using Actonel for years and the price keeps going up. I have been loosing my hair every time I wash it for a long time. I'm not sure what the reason is for loosing my hair. Maybe medications.

One day I was reading about Ezorb. I was looking to see if there is anything I could take for my bones instead of Actonel that would work like Actonel. The more I read about Ezorb the more I wanted to try it. The price for the powder Ezorb was even cheaper than Actonel. Money is tight so some months I would go without my Actonel. When I would sit down at my computer in the morning and have my tea it was very painful when I went to get up. My hip would hurt and I had to move very slowly to stand up.

I finally ordered the Ezorb powder. It is a wonderful product. I have only been using Ezorb for a month. Now when I sit at my computer in the morning and I get up to get another cup of tea I am pain free. I have no pain in my hip and I have no trouble standing up. I'm so glad I decided to try Ezorb. I even noticed that after I wash my hair I'm not seeing as much hair on my comb as when I was taking Actonel. I also read that one of the side affects with Actonel is hair loss. I'm so pleased with Ezorb that I will never go back to taking Actonel. Thank you Ezorb for a wonderful product.
Karen Dunn

Hi, my name is Nancy. I had a dexascan last March and was told I have osteoporosis (from years of taking steroids for asthma). My doctor immediately said to start Fosamax. I read up on Fosamax and Actonel and was scared of taking it. I have and still do work in the medical field for 35 years but I decided to look online for some help. I really felt I was up against a wall. I found and read up on Ezorb. I decided to try it since I felt I had nothing to lose. That was 6 months ago. After 3 months I started losing my joint pain (after living on anti-inflammatories). I feel stronger and about 30 years younger. To this day I feel it is some type of miracle. There wasn't one day before that I was painfree. I am 69 and work fulltime I am able to work and play painfree now. I am going to have another Dexa in a couple of months and fully expect it to be improved. :)

Last June I started taking Boniva because of marked bone thinning. My doctor told me of possible side effects and if I didn't like it I could change meds. For the first couple of months I was fine - I thought - till I began experiencing terrible joint and muscle pain and stiffness. I felt crippled and moving from sitting to standing, walking was very painful. After 5 months of taking the medication, I stopped without telling my doctor and began more research into the different medications available. I was horrified to read they contain ingredients used in many cleaning products. I continued online search for more info on osteoporosis treatment and found Ezorb. After reading about the natural ingredients, high absorption rate and few side effects I decided to try it. I started in March and after some weeks the joint and muscle pain began to subside and it is now nearly totally gone. I am sleeping better and feel so much better. In July I had my yearly check up with my GYN and explained why I stopped the medication and told him about Ezorb. He asked me questions about the product and how to spell it and told me he was going to look into it. He also ordered a bone scan. I am thrilled with the results. My spine has not changed but my hips show improvement. He told me to keep doing what I am doing. I am also doing more weight bearing exercise. I have shared all this with my sister and all my friends. Thank you for your product!
Helen M.

On May 9, 2008, an MRI was done on my back to try and determine the source of some back pain. The MRI revealed a compression fracture on vertebrae L1. A subsequent CT Scan to check bone density showed a T-score of -2.6, full fledged osteoporosis! After checking on a lot of calcium supplements and not liking the side effects associated with them, I discovered EZorb on the Internet. I read the reports offered and decided to try EZorb for a year. I started on EZorb on June 20, 208 and had a Dexascan today, June 30, 2009. The T-Score average on vertebrae L1-L4 shows -.05. L4 does show slight osteopenia of -1.3. Although T-Scores on left and right Femurs were not given in 2008, they had to have had low T-Score readings. Regardless, the T-Score on the left femur neck is 0.3 and on the right femur neck is 0.1. I can't adequately express how relieved I am at this point in time regarding my rebound out of osteoporosis.
A great big thanks to you EZorb.

Hi, my name is Margie. I have had Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis for 12 years. I started taking EZORB in March of 2008. At the time, I had a severe burning and aching in my back. Pain killers did not help. Within three months of using EZORB the burning and aching in my back disappeared. It has not returned. So far, my bone density has not yet increased, but I know that EZORB is working. It has been miraculous; and I will never stop taking EZORB. I have been telling everyone about EZORB and your web site.

Hi, my name is Elma. I have written in before because of my results with Ezorb after taking fosamax. Well I was nervous about going to my doctor and giving her the news of me giving up fosamax on my own. She didn't question me a lot as she knew I never wanted to take the fosamax anyway. But the day came when I got my results back from a bone density test and the doctor said well dear your test is very good and I never heard her say that before. And then what surprised me even more was she said and with Ezorb you have no side effects. I have nothing but good to say about Ezorb.

I am thrilled about your EZorb. I just came from my Dr, for my yearly and she was very excited over my Bone Density test. A year ago she wanted me on Boniva but I was not excited about taking it, so without telling her I started with Ezorb. Well after my test I have doubled my numbers for the good, she said keep it up and we will check it in two years. I've gone from osteoporosis in my spine to osteopenia. I am a 58 year old female. I can't thank you enough. I must say I'm as surprised as my Dr.

Hi, my name is DR, PA. Two years ago I read your ad regarding EZorb telling me that if I took the mega dose for three months, I would see a difference in my bone density test. After living with osteoporosis for over twenty years and having fractured ten bones, I felt that I would have nothing to lose by trying your product. Since I was scheduled for a bone density test four months later, I took the prescribed mega dose and to my absolute amazement, I went from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I am on the maintenance dose and look forward to the next test to see where I stand.

I am female and have just turned 74 years of age. I have been taking Ezorb for maybe a year or more now. After a few weeks of taking Ezorb the hot redness in my knuckles went away. Now they are in real good condition and the swelling is all gone and no pain. There is some stiffness but that must be expected after so many years of work and pain. I work with my hands every day. I want to mention I do physical work and I still get down on my knees and do whatever is necessary. My bone density test was 1.1 and Fosamax was recommended, but I started Ezorb instead. After 6 months I had a test through Life Line Screening and the test was listed as -1 with an attached letter to contact my doctor, which I did. He was pleased with the outcome. I do believe I have improved immensely and halted a serious bone problem. I will continue with Ezorb with five capsules a day.
E. Isherwood

I finally got good results from the bone density test. It took 2 years for Ezorb to work in my system and I am not longer in the Osteoporosis category. I am now Osteopenia. My doctor was shocked and said he never sees this unless the patient is on meds which I am not. I wish you would market this in the health food stores.
Just some good news to pass on to you.
L. Stauss

I have been in the insurance industry for over 30 years and own a consulting training company. I am interested in EZorb simply because of the result I experienced taking it. I have a 7.8% increased in bone density over a period of less than 2 years and is excited about this change. My Doctor prescribed Fosomax, but I felt strongly about not taking a drug with such high side effects. I did an intense research on the internet and came across EZorb. It seemed like a good product when I compared it to the other drugs and it came through. I would like to share this knowledge and product with those who know nothing about it. I am also in the early stages of taking Marvlix as I have high blood pressure and would like to eventually decrease the medication I am taking. I look forward to hearing from your Company on the opportunity of becoming a Distributor.

B. Austin

Hi, my name is Elma. I was taking fosamax for 5 years and heard of all the side effects and thought it was time I took this into my own hands, so like so many others I started searching the net and low and behold I found Ezorb, started taking it last January 08 and now I just got the news today sept.10th that my bone density test came back GOOD, where it always was in the red. The doctors secretary said, the doctor said to stay on the Ezorb. Now doesn't that sound good for Ezorb. I also got my daughter on it and her fingernails are longer and stronger then they have ever been. This is an awesome product! I hope my story encourages you to try EZorb. After taking Shaklee calcium for several years, I was surprised to learn, in 1999, that I was 1 inch shorter. A bone scan showed I had severe osteoporosis. I wanted to do something natural so used wild yam cream for a year and a half only to learn that I had lost more bone mass. I used Fosamax for almost a year resulting in more bone loss. I then tried weight-bearing exercising working out at a gym for 2 years without taking anything, again about a 7% loss. Then I took Actonel for 2 1/2 years and lost 7% each year. I began to wonder how many 7%s I could lose without simply crumbling. I was at -4.3 on the "bone scale." They told me I was "in the basement." Not a little discouraged, I decided I would stop the Actonel and look for something on my own. Three months after quitting Actonel, my dentist informed me that he had stopped doing extractions on anyone taking any of the drugs for bones due to problems with the jaw sometimes just crumbling during extractions. As I understand, the drugs only stop the removal of old bone - they don't actually build new bone. After as much research as I knew how to do, I decided on EZorb, realizing it could be another dead end for me. I was told by the person who called me back that since I had taken Actonel for so long, my osteoclasts would have to be renewed before they could remove my old bone, thus making room for new bone to be built. This would take about 18 months. So, I was told that I should have a DEXA scan in 2 years, because I would only be disappointed if I had one in less time. That was a LONG time for me to take something I wasn't sure about. So, for 2 years, I took 8 capsules daily wondering if I was being "played a fool." I had a DEXA in May and was totally elated. It showed a 12% increase!! My doctor is surprised and impressed, and told me I should talk to a local independent pharmacist about carrying the product. I have now begun strength training at the gym again and am hopeful that with that and EZorb, I will continue to show an increase in bone mass. I always wondered if these testimonials were made up by the company. I'm a real person with a real story. If I can be of any help or encouragement to anyone, I would be glad to talk personally - after some preliminary "safety-checks" to screen the "crazies."

In a follow-up email, the customer added the following:

"I have submitted my testimonial letter. The last paragraph might not be allowed. When I first began taking EZorb, I wished I could talk to someone who had osteoporosis and had shown bone growth -something to prove to myself that I wasn't being just another sucker for another con game. On the web, things aren't necessarily what seem. Technology can make something seem great that really isn't true. I guess what I wished for is a me, someone willing to talk to anyone needing that kind of assurance. If needed, just remove what is against your better judgment."

From the Newsletter Editor: Thank you Frances. You are very kind but there are thousands if not millions out there who are interested in getting in touch with you - and yes, they would have no problem passing your "safety checks", because they are in the same place as where you were. Some of them might be calling you from overseas. You don't want to get a wake up call at 2 AM, do you?

Hi, my name is Becky and I am 54 and have had Osteoporosis since 1998 (10 years). I am so excited that EZORB has reversed my bone loss. I took two kinds of bisphosphonates for 7 years. My bone density improved slightly but my stomach irritation was so bad so I quit taking it. I started taking EZORB Dec 05, I had a bone density test after 6 months and saw a decline in the bone density. I called the EZORB customer assistance and they told me to take the product at least a year, so I stuck with the EZORB waited 3 years for my next bone density test and it was worth it. I am so excited! I went from a -2.9 in my lumbar spine to a -2.5 and a -2.82 to a -2.0 in my hip (so my hip went from osteoporosis to osteopenia). I have had osteoporosis since 1998 (10 years) spine was 2.2 then up to 2.9 now 2.5 hip was 3.23 now 2.0. I tell everyone that has bone density problems to try this amazing product. It does work.

I want to thank you for Ezorb as I was on fosamax and started with a very sore jaw, then I read about the (dead jaw) I hear caused from taking fosamax. I was 2100 miles from my doctor so I knew it was in my hands alone so I started searching the internet and low and behold I read about Ezorb. Within 3 weeks my sore knee was almost gone and now my sore jaw also. Now the next thing I have to do since I'm now home is go to my doctor and announce to her that I gave up my fosamax (there could be trouble there). I do thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Donna. I've been using ezorb for about 2 years now. I'm very pleased with this miracle product. I have osteoporosis. My fingernails even grow like you wouldn't believe. My bowl movements are like clockwork. Everything that is stated what ezorb does, is true. I don't even know what my bone scan number was. I am going to get one done soon and advise my doctor of this product. I'm so glad I never took Fosamax. I've heard horror stories about that drug. They don't even advertise it anymore. I think it might have been taken off the market. I know there was a law suit pending. Keep up the good work ezorb.

Hi, my name is Marlene. After taking EZorb at the maximum dose for about 3 months I have been able to work and do moderate gardening without getting migraines and back pains that last for days. I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. I credit EZorb with helping me avoid an extremely painful and debilitating vertebral fracture after landing flat on my back after falling on the ice more than once this past winter. None of the drugstore calcium products ever worked as well as EZorb. I recommend EZorb to all of my friends. My family and I thank for you making an incredible product.

I am 67 years old and after being on Ezorb for two years and reading the testimonials sent to me on your website, I am so happy to be able to write my own. In 12/05 my first bone density report showed a T-score of -2.6 and a diagnosis of Osteoporosis. Of course my doctor wanted me to try the Boniva or Actonel route but I objected and searched the web and found Ezorb. To my delight the following year bone density showed a T-score of -2.3 and in January '08 I was most happy to see it at -1.9. I'm hoping the diagnosis of Osteopenia will be removed by the next Dexa Scan and I'm sold on using Ezorb and continue to speak highly of it.
Thank you,


Hi, my name is Kenneth Mcgee. You all have been a god send. Two years now that my wife's concerns of bone loss have been remedy'd. Gave our results of 10% improvement to my chiropractor and he promotes your product as well. Thank you again and stay the course.
Big Bear, California

Hi,my name is Deric I. About 2 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis. Her bone density report showed a t-score of -2.0. Her doctor told her to take 1200mg of "any type of calcium that was on sale." I tried to convince her that not all calcium is created equal. I found out about your website about a year ago and I ordered a bottle of ezorb for my mother to try. She was hesitant at first but finally decided to try it. My mom also has a hard time falling asleep at night and I told her that a good calcium supplement could help her fall asleep. Well she took 2 capsules of ezorb before going to bed and was able to fall asleep within 20 mins (it usually takes hours). So after the first night, she was hooked. A couple of months after taking ezorb, my mom fell and fractured her shoulder. After about a month or so, x-rays were taken as well as a bone density test. My mom's doctors were amazed at the results. They said the bone was healing like a young persons body and my mom's t-score improved to -1.1. My mom told the doctors about ezorb and they all said they would look into it. My father also had painful heel spurs during that time and I suggested he take some ezorb also. 2 weeks later, I asked him about his heel spurs and he looked at me surprised and said "hey, the pain is all gone. I even forgot I had heel spurs. That ezorb must be working." My family takes ezorb faithfully and I recommend ezorb to all my friends and relatives. Thank God for ezorb.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I received the result of by bone density yesterday and I am so thrilled to tell you that the results are "normal". This is astounding since I was at the bottom of the red zone and the doctor was talking about infusions for three years before I even had the test done. I know the doctor must find this hard to believe. I am so grateful and thankful that I found EZorb on the web. Two other people that I told about EZorb, started to use it and are waiting to hear about my results. I know they will be astounded too.
Thanks again,
Bonnie G.

In April, 2006, I had a bone scan. It showed I had osteoporosis in the L1-L4 section of my spine T-score -2.8 and osteopenia in my hip t-score -1.5. My gynecologist wanted me to start Boniva or Fosamax and resume taking hormones. I researched the bone building drugs and did not like the side effects. I also did not like the fact that new bone was not built with these drugs but rather old bone is retained. And as far as hormones go, I refuse to take them because of the risks of breast cancer. I found your website and was impressed with your product. I decided to give it a try for a year and have another bone scan. I take four capsules in the morning and four in the evening. I had second bone scan on December 4, 2007. The technician looked at the results and her first question was "What kind of calcium are you taking?" She wanted the website information which I emailed her. I no longer have a diagnosis of osteoporosis. It is now osteopenia, and I had a 10% improvement in the spine area and 6.6% in the femur. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the results and what a difference Ezorb has made in my life. There are so many side benefits, like the elimination of aches and pains. I am recommending your product to every person who will listen! Thank you for a wonderful natural product that provides a healthy solution to osteoporosis.

A. Boudreaux

When I was diagnosed with very low bone density; I was giving a subscription for my bones. Every time I would take a calcium pill; a day later; I would wake up with awful swollen lips; so I stopped; thinking it was a coincidence; then I tried again; and I woke up with swollen lips again "like hives"; I didn't know what to do; then I heard about E-zorb; I was somewhat afraid; but so far; no swollen lips!!! E-zorb is a "GOD" send!!! I am a very happy customer; no side affects at all!!! THANK YOU!!!

J Lopez

Last year I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After searching the internet we purchased EZorb. When the next bone density test was done the doctor said I was improved and should keep up whatever I was doing. My wife recently broke her wrist and we're going to use the Ezorb for her. It's a great product and we've recommended it to many of our family and friends.

Don't know if you have ever featured an article about celiac disease but it might be worth while. The reason I found out I have celiac disease was because my bone density kept decreasing despite all the calcium and Actonel I was taking. Now that I've been diagnosed and am taking EZorb, my bone density is increasing!

Hi, my name is D.M.Hanson MA.
Three years ago I started taking EZorb. This is my second testimonal. Had my bone density done in June, just got the results. Again it has increased! I am 53, postmenopausal, diagnosed with Osteo four years ago. Yahoooooo!

A year ago I had a bone scan for the first time and my score was -2.25. My doctor immediately gave me a prescription for Actonel. I have never been a big believer in prescription drugs. I take them only when absolutely necessary. I started doing research on the internet and found Ezorb and decided to try it for a year. My doctor was furious at me and still is to this day. However, my recent test shows a score of -1.7. I am obviously very happy with the results and will continue taking Ezorb. And, I think I'll look for a new doctor!

Hi, my name is Sharyn Finley from Oregon, I have been on E-Zorb for one year now and am 100% pain free, but the best thing that has happened is my bone density test, the doctor wanted to know what I had been taking as it had improved a full 1 percent. I have been unable to take the Fosamax and the Boniva pill nearly did me in. I am so happy because I just received my bone scan results, and can't believe my bones have increased 8% since last yr. I can't tell you how happy I feel knowing this calcium is really really working. I can't thank-you enough.

Hi, my name is Annie. In 2004 I fell & due to advanced osteoporosis, my hip disintegrated. They replaced the hip and put me on Actonel. However, it disagreed with me. I then researched on the internet and came upon EZorb. I ordered it and almost immediately felt the change. When I went in for a 6 month checkup, the dr. was surprised to find that I no longer had osteoporosis. My bone loss had reversed to osteopenia. The nurses in the office were all asking what I had done. I recommend this to anyone who complains about aches & pains.
Thank you so much EZorb.

Hi, my name is Lorraine. My bone density test resulted in 2.1 from 2.5 after I started taking Ezorb. My doctor said I'm so pleased with you. He is still writing me prescriptions for Fosomex which I haven't taken since I discovered Ezorb.
Detroit, Michigan

Hi, my name is Donna. I'm 53 years old and have been diagnosed with ostio. I too was offered fasomax. I refused and found ezorb over the internet. I'm postmenopausal and also refused to take hormone thearpy. My obgyn didn't even take a bone denisty test on me but offered treatment to prevent me from getting ostio. I'm glad I refused. Since taking ezorb I have notice my nails getting really long and not brittle. I have never had long nails in my life and they were always brittle. I'm looking forward to getting another bone density test. I have much more energy and also am sleeping better at night. I'm also not having nearly as many hot flashes. Thank-you ezorb.
Bloomington, Il

Hi, my name is Anne. Yesterday I had my annual DEXA Scan. I went off Fosamax last September and have been taking EZorb ever since. I'm happy to report my spine results went from a -4.2 to a -3.8! EZorb rules! I also do strength training and use the treadmill 4 times a week. I'm 70 years old and am improving thanks to EZorb. I do take the full 8 capsules each day due to the severity of my osteoporosis. I will recommend EZorb and continue it's use.
Thanks EZorb!

One year ago my doctor's nurse called me after my first bone density test with the shocking and depressing news that I had osteoporosis with a score of -3.14. Her advice was to up my calcium intake of course, and prescribed Fosamax. She said to ask the pharmacist which calcium was better. Well I had taken about every kind of calcium supplement on the shelf and I felt like it was all for nothing since they hadn't protected me from that lousy score. And after reading the list of side effects of Fosamax I wasn't too thrilled about swallowing that pill either. But I did for one month and it was painfully irritating on my esophagus. After some research on the net, I found Ezorb. Their claims sounded too good to be true, but the more I read about it the more I thought, why not? I liked reading about the no nasty side effects like upset stomach or kidney stones. So I listened to the little voice inside me and tossed the Fosamax and put myself on Ezorb. My last bone density test showed an amazing improvement from a -3.14 to -2.65! I was so excited! The radiologist was pretty amazed at my scores and asked me which prescription I was taking as most of them only show a couple percents worth of improvement at best. You can bet I told her all about Ezorb! Thanks so much for a wonderful product and giving me one less thing to worry about in my life!

Hi, my name is Pei. I am 61 years old. On January 2006 my spine score was -3.5 ( I had been taking Actonel for 3 years). On January 2007 my Dexa report showed my central bone mass is significantly increased to -3.1, and all the other numbers are showing good too. What I did were: 1. Took Ezorb for 9 month. 2. Weght bearing exercise three times a week, walk every day. I am very happy about that, and I will continue to take Ezorb. I recommend Ezorb to many of my friends who has osteoporosis.
Thanks to Ezorb.

I started taking Ezorb over a year ago. I was diagnosed with osteo or "low bone density". Found Ezorb on line, decided it was worth a try. Time would tell. (Had a bone scan, that is how they determined low bone density.) Went for another scan a couple of months ago, the doctor couldn't believe that it was noticeably better. I was so excited. I am 50 year old, 5 ft.1 inch, 108 lb. Caucasian. And postmenopausal to boot. Makes me a perfect candidate for bone issues. I am no longer a skeptic. And so much appreciate this product. I am bringing the information for medical professionals to my doctors apt on Tues. Hoping he will recommend this to his patients.
DM from Hanson, Massachusetts

A friend of mine from work had a severe limp for a couple years. I asked what it was. She said it was a bone spur. She had trouble wearing shoes, but was now in flats and could no longer wear heels. This summer I noticed she had on heels again, and no limp. She told me she had been taking EZorb for 6 or 8 months, and no longer has a heel spur. In August I was in a car accident. I suffered from a spiral fracture in my hand. At 4 weeks my hand had not healed. I ordered EZorb and started with 6 to 8 capsules a day. (I am also a smoker, thus need more calcium as smoking depletes the making of calcium). At eight weeks they saw no difference with my x-rays. By the time I completed two bottles of EZorb (early November) they could see remarkable improvement and decided not to go back in and pin it. I am also 50 yrs old, and had my first bone density test last month. It will now be interesting to see how my test changes over the next year. I will never go another day without my EZorb.
- Signed, a very happy camper from Wisconsin

EZorb is absolutely amazing!! I am a 70 yr. old woman and was diagnosed with osteoporosis and also have arthritis. My doctor put me on Evista a couple of years ago which I have discontinued using after trying the 3 month larger dozage of EZorb. I cannot believe the difference!! Before I was unable to sit for even 15 minutes without having a problem with stiff and painful joints when I would get up to walk. I have just finished the 3 month dozage and even after sitting for 1 -2 hours I can walk without any stiffness or pain in my joints!! This product works miracles and am so thankful for EZorb!!!
Carol Jacobson, North Dakota

Dear EZorb,
I have a great success story to report. My bone scan results just came back. My doctor told me my density went back to NORMAL! I couldn't believe it's finally happening to me, after reading all those success stories of others for a year...HALLELUJAH! My doctor was caught with surprise too. Unlike other doctors I read in your newsletter, my doctor is very nice and he's always open to new ideas. He actually did quite a bit research on EZorb before giving me the go-ahead. Thank you Steven...I know you'll be reading this. Thank you so much for doing this for me. I'm a 63-year-old woman. My bone density had been declining year after year since I was diagnosed osteoporosis. I started EZorb in June 2002. At the beginning I was taking 6 teaspoons powder a day. Almost instantly I felt I had more energy during the day and better sleep at night. Five weeks later I noticed walking didn't bother me no more...I felt my body was lighter than before (Yes I was overweight and still am). To me that was a sign that something good was happening. November 2002 I went for my annual bone scan test. Even though I had been on EZorb for just a little over 5 months the test results already showed signs of improvement. I gained about 3% overall in bone density. Even though my t-scores' still bad, both my doctor and I were convinced that we were headed in the right direction. After that I moved on to take 4 capsules and 3 teaspoons powder a day. I do volunteer work at a charity. It's just more convenient for me to take capsules at work and powder at home. Two weeks ago (November 2003) I went back for the test again. And this time my bone density jumped 14.56% in lumber spine, 11.21% in left hip and 8.79% in femoral neck. My doctor told me my bone density numbers are once again normal! My t-scores are still below zero...but they are no longer in the scary territory of osteoporosis.
Thank you thank you, thank you EZorb!

My name is Cindy. I don't usually sing praises but I feel I owe it to you this time. My daughter Maria bought me a bottle of EZorb on my birthday. I had been on Fosamax and had to deal with all the side effects. My stomach was constantly in pain. I thought I would have to live the rest of my life with Fosamax. I was really scared every time I took it. Thanks to EZorb I no longer need Fosamax. My recent bone density results have shown steady improvement. This is wonderful.
-Granny Cindy, SD

I had an operation to remove kidney stones years ago. My doctor prohibits me taking any calcium supplements. Six months ago my doctor told me I had osteoporosis. He asked me to reduce activity otherwise I ran the risk of bone fracture. For a couple of months I was living a life like house arrest. During the time I did a lot of research and decided to try EZorb. I am very pleased with the bone scan results. So is my doctor. He now recommends EZorb to his other patients.
-Lora Harris, Canada

I'm 63-years-old. I was diagnosed osteoporosis years ago. I was using calcium citrate per doctor's recommendation. It never worked on me somehow. The situation just kept getting worse. Now I'm using EZorb. My doctor told me my bone density has increased 27% from where I was 5 months ago. I will definitely recommend EZorb Calcium to anyone in my situation...
-Robert Spalding, KS

Dear EZorb: I have been taking Ezorb for six weeks and already I can feel that it is making my bones stronger. I noticed that when I walk I no longer waddle like a duck. I give the credit to Ezorb. I am 66 years old.
-GE, Kansas

I'm in my seventies. I've had osteoporosis for over a decade. Afraid of fracture I had to minimize movement. I'd tried most of the calcium supplements available. Nothing seemed effective. My niece Amy recommended EZorb Calcium to me. I'm on it for several months now. I can feel my bone is getting stronger....
-Robin Fox, Washington DC

Hi, my name is Debra L. Murphy, Ph.D., M.P.H. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, but had unsuccessful attempts with the use of Fosamax (it caused acid reflux) and Boniva (it caused an allergic reaction) and I felt uncomfortable with taking the Forteo injections. While I was able to take the Evista and have been taking it for about two years, I was told that it could not stimulate bone growth for me, but could only maintain it at best. In May or June of 2006, I found out about ezorb and began taking it. This week, I had my yearly bone density scan. From January 2004 to January 2005 my bone density scan showed a percentage decrease of 5.3%. From January 2005 through December 2006 (about 1 year later) my bone density scan has shown a percentage increase of 4.1%.

Although I still have osteoporosis, this positive increase of 4.1% is considered a statistically significant increase in bone mass. Since I started taking the ezorb in about May of 2006, I believe that this percentage increase can only be attributed to the 8 months that I have been on ezorb. I will continue to take ezorb. I am hoping that when I take my next bone density in January of 2007 that my bone density scan will show no osteoporosis.
Debra L. Murphy

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. A doctor told me no matter what I took in the form of calcium or prescriptions my bone loss would always be more than what was put back. He said I could look forward to breaking bones then going into hospice care continually for the rest of my life. I cried for three days before my stubborn way had me searching online. I found EZorb and ordered three bottles. I had nothing to lose. My bone density test that year came back normal and the true test will be the results of the next test. There is nothing to make me think it would not. I recommend EZorb to everyone and can only hope they start taking it. At some point in time the medical world has got to get on board. So far my doctors won't listen or tell others but I think I'm making up for their noncaring attitude.

Hi my name is Mary. I have regular bone density tests because osterporosis runs in my family. My Dr. wanted to put me on fosomax and my chiropractor said that will cause a host of side effects and lead to other problems so I told my Dr. no way. Well I got on the internet looking for some way to help my with a bone spur in my heel. Well the foot feels great and my next bone scan showed significant improvement with my bones. I have been through chemo. and radiation for breast cancer and I haven't felt this good in 5 years. I've been taking Ezorb now for about 7 months. My chiropractor wanted to take my bone results to the front desk to show everyone. He was so proud of me and I'm proud that I found Ezorb. Thanks so much!!

My current bone density that was done after being on EZORB CALCIUM for 1 year showed a "significant increase in bone mineralization" for my wrist and hip - both areas in the past were Osteopenic - just need to continue to help the lumbar spine which shows osteoporosis - after 2-3 yrs of my physician advising I should take fosamax or the other drugs - all of which give significant side effects that I refuse to take or have - my physician seeing these results advised "to continue with EZORB" - I can't begin to thank-you for providing a quality alternative that really does work!
From Carol P.

I think it's time to share my testimonial. I am a 59 year old female and have had osteoporosis for several years. My mother and adult daughter also have it. I had a bone density test (DEXA) in 2003 to see how extensive the osteoporosis was. My doctor tried to get me to take Fosamax or Evista. I prefer natural healing methods and I don't use pharmaceuticals. The side effects of these drugs are numerous and the bone that is produced is brittle and not of good quality. I immediately went a nutritionist and got another bone test on his acuDEXA to establish a base line. The nutritionist suggested a product called Ultimate Bone Builder so I began taking it and had my bones tested again 6 months later. There was no improvement, just more bone loss so I stopped taking that product and began searching for a better product. In May of 2004, I ordered EZorb after reading about it on the Internet. My next test in August 2004 showed that the bone loss was slowing down. My recent test last Thursday (Jan. 19, 2006) showed that the bone loss has now reversed and I am now building bone. I emailed EZorb and they told me that I had increased my bone density by just slightly short of 5%. That's a 5% increase in 18 months. There were a few months in 2005 that I stopped taking all my supplements (including EZorb) due to job stress, time constraints, etc. and I didn't lift weights very regularly either. I think my bone density would have increased faster had I been lifting weights twice a week and taking the EZorb faithfully every day. I'm going to do just that for the next 3 months and then have another test to see if the rate of bone building has been accelerated. I want to improve from osteoporosis to osteopenia as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of fracture and then, at some point, reach normal bone density.

I would like to give a short explanation about the two types of bone testing that I did. On May 23, 2003, I went to Osteoporosis Centre for the big, expensive DEXA test that measures bone density in the spine. Ten days later I went to a nutritionist who had a small machine called an acuDEXA that measured the middle finger of my right hand (a $25 test). Testing just one finger exposes a person to less radiation. If the finger is gaining bone, then the rest of the skeleton is also gaining, but not necessarily at a uniform speed. I think there is an irregular pattern of bone growth with some areas gaining faster than other areas. Here is a record of my test results and the date that I started taking EZorb: May 23, 2003 - DEXA at the Osteoporosis Centre - X-Ray of spine (T scores = -2.7 to -3.8) June 3, 2003 - First acuDEXA from nutritionist - X-ray of middle finger (BMD 0.427) Dec. 11, 2003 - Second acuDEXA from nutritionist - X-ray of middle finger (BMD 0.411) May 20, 2004 - I started taking EZorb. Aug 24, 2004 - Third acuDEXA from nutritionist - X-ray of middle finger (BMD 0.407) Jan 19, 2006 - Fourth acuDEXA from nutritionist - X-ray of middle finger (BMD 0.427) Even though my current score of .427 is the same as it was in June 2003, the bone loss has stopped and my bone density is now increasing. If I continue building bone at this rate, my bones should reach normal bone density in five years. I'm hoping to speed that up as I mentioned. I will send my test score to you next May. Another gain that I've made is that a small, painful bump on my thumb joint shrinks and stops hurting when I take EZorb regularly and starts growing (and hurting) again when I stop. I'm not sure exactly what it is -- maybe a bone spur. Whatever it is, it's a great little reminder to get back on the product. Thanks to all the people at Elixir Industry for making this great product available. I hope this testimonial will help others.

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Arthritis Testimonies

Hi, my name is Shawn D. Kennedy. WOW! This is weird. I have arthritis and have been in pain for a while now. Even just lying down. I had a benign cyst (size of a golf ball) removed from my left hip in 2000. It was then that the doctor said I was developing arthritis. It has never really been the same since. Until NOW! Today! Holy cow! I am 37 years of age and have seen my family suffer horribly by crippling arthritis. I mean serious wheelchair arthritis! I have been taking EZorb for a week now. My pain is gone. Once again, WOW! This is amazing. I would love to sell this product to people and get the word out there! Great fantabulous product! Thank YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Hi, my name is Denice and I am 54 years old and I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I went through menopause at the age of 45 and that is when my body fell apart. I developed RA & Fibro shortly afterwards. I had a active flareup of the RA for about a year but through taking coral calcium {which worked for this time} I went into a remission, until May of 2008 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had a radical hysterectomy July 30 of 2008. Trying to recover from this surgery was awful but to have the rheumatoid arthritis and Fibro hit me like a freight train I thought I was going to die. My whole skeletal frame was in extreme pain. I tryed taking the coral calcium again along with acupuncture and other supplements and nothing was helping me. I began taking large doses of Motrin to even get through the day. It got so bad I prayed the Lord would just take me. Somehow I came across the website for Ezorb and thought what the hay I'll give anything a try if it would relieve the pain. I prayed on this for so long and knew this was my answer. After I had ordered the product I began searching the net about this calcium and came across some sites that said bad things about the product. I got worried and started not to take it. But something kept telling me to go for it. I am glad I did. This product has been a godsend to me. I have been using Ezorb for about a week and can not believe the reduction in my pain level. On a scale of 1-10 I was at a 10 before using Ezorb. Now I would say I am at a 5 in just one week. I was almost afraid to write this because I didn't want to jinx anything. I can't wait to see what else will happen as I continue to take Ezorb. I urge anyone with any kind of bone and joint issues to give Ezorb a try. I only weight 98lbs due to the weight loss for the cancer. I am normally about 115. So I am taking 6 pills a day/ 2 at each meal that is a theraputic dosage for my weight. I just wanted to say thank you and I will update you on my progress.

Thank you so much for the EZorb Calcium. What a difference in me, I feel so much stronger in so many ways and my knees don't hurt. Now I can climb the stairs. I walk every morning now. I wanted to try them before my husband just to see if it was something that might help him. My husband John is a big guy with so much knee pain. He is a woodshop teacher on his feet and knees all day. My friend just ordered 6 more bottles for us to share and John will start on them Monday July 28th so I will keep you posted.
Thank you life is good, Rhonda

Hi, my name is Ron Giles of Sydney Australia. I have been using ezorb for only about 6 weeks and have noticed improvement in my osteoarthritis of the knees .The pain is much less and the swelling of the knees seems to be reducing. I will keep it up and report further after three months. I also have given one tablet to my dog, an old border collie 16 1/2 years old with severe arthritis of the back legs and hip. You could not lift her up without her crying in pain. In the about 2 months of her getting your product she does not feel the pain, is walking much better and is even running better than she has for at least 12 months. I normally do not believe testimonials but I feel your product has given improvement in the short time I have been using it.

I started taking Ezorb in Jan 2008 for oseoarthritis, I also have RA. I had surgery June 2007 and could not have a procedure done because the podiatrist said my big toe looked like swiss cheese. This June I have tendon surgery on the same foot and found that my big toe was solid as a rock. Also I had a stress fracture in my hip from a fall last summer. In Nov I had pins put in and by mid- January the bone was healed. In 2004 I double fractured my right foot by just taking a step, it took 8 months to heal. Your product is awesome and I tell everyone about it. I am 55 and not ready to stop living, matter of a fact I am going to take golf lessons as soon as my foot is completely healed from the recent surgery. Thanks for a wonderful product. I also have not had to taken any Celebrex for the RA. Chris Holland

EZorb is the only calcium supplement that has ever helped me reduce migraine headaches, backaches, and arthritis pain. I can now go to work; do moderate lifting; do housework and gardening; without getting fatigued; and getting migraines, neck and back pains that last for days. I feel younger and stronger after taking EZorb for only three months. None of the over the counter drugstore calcium supplements ever helped as much as EZorb. And, I think EZorb helped me avoid a vertebral fracture; as I fell flat on by back on the ice more than once last winter. I am 55 years old and diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis, however; I credit EZorb for reducing my pain; helping me avoid a fracture; and helping me get my life back to normal again. My husband thanks you; and my boss and co-workers thank you. I will; therefore, recommend EZorb to all of my friends. Thank you EZorb for making an incredible product that really works.
M. Appleton
Washington, DC

Hi, my name is CMD and since I've started taking EZorb, the pain caused by osteoarthritis in my hip joints has greatly decreased. I had only been on the EZorb 2 to 3 days and felt a dramatic difference. My orthopedists diagnosed me with severe calcium build-up on my c-spine or cervical spin. I was out of work for over 6 weeks in excruciating pain and with high medical bills. According to his report, surgery is the only thing that will help me. I'm a Believer, so I believe the report of the Lord. Since I've been taking the EZorb, the pain in my neck has diminished somewhat. I haven't even doubled up on the dosage yet, and feel pain relief. When I first try a new supplement, I take less than what's suggested until I see how my body handles it. I've had absolutely no problem with this supplement; therefore I'm going to increase my intake until I only need the maintenance dosage.
I highly recommend it!!!!!

Amazing product. Ezorb has helped me so much. Within 3 months of taking it, my hip joint pain has disappeared. I'm walking without a limp, and generally just feel so much better. My bones have always been strong; this is just a way to keep them strong, and as an added benefit, the joints are free of pain!

Hello Tanya, We have received our last shipment of ezorb, my wife is taking them and what a difference most of the aches and pains have subsided, the heel spurs were the worsed and have eased greatly. I have reccomended this product to people that have muscle or joint pain. IT WORKS Thank you David

Hi my name is Janice Clancy from Ireland and I would like to share 2 success stories with you. First one:- My Mum suffered from arthritis in her neck from an old injury and with ageing the pain got worst and limited her doing things she did before like hoovering etc. So I went online looking for natural medicine to help with the pain and found the ezorb website. I read other peoples stories and was impressed and doubtful. Ordered the tablets and never looked back. Mum took them and they pain went and she is able to do alot of things that she couldn't do. She couldn't do without ezorb now. She has recommended them to other people from Limerick in Ireland. They second success story is my husband. He suffered a bad fall from a ladder and fell 17ft and smashed his heel last August. He was in considerable pain and the doctors said he would have severe pain with that injury. I ordered ezorb the night of the accident and he started taking them a few days later while in hospital. These tablets have helped him immensely with the pain. He was able to return to work on his feet, which the doctors said might not be possible. The doctors are baffled why he has no pain with this injury which is normal. If he dosen't take the tablets the pain returns, so thank god for ezorb, he will need them for the rest of his life. Thank you! From Rose Limerick,Ireland. Jan & Ter, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland.

I would like to say this is the only product that has helped me. I am on disability with fibro ra osteoarthritis for about 5 years now. I have tried everything and nothing worked liked this. It's been only 8 days but I felt something the first day. I just reordered. I want to thank you for this product.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have only tried one tub of ezorb, wow reduced my pain loads, had a holiday in india for 7 weeks,very nice.but had just run out of ezorb,over the 7 weeks my pain has increased again, I am amazed how much improved I have been with ezorb and will order it 3 tubs at a time in future.for the record I have spinal arthritis after my corse of tablets I almost forgot and thought I was better.thanks howard

When I was in fourth grade, I was diagnosed with JRA. I am now 22 years old. The area affected was mainly my wrists and hands. However, in the last couple of years, I have noticed that some of my other joints were beginning to hurt aswell.Iam currently taking Enbrel. For awhile, this was a "miracle" drug for me - it took away all pain and swelling. But within the last year, it, for some reason, hasn't been doing the trick. I had a great aunt who suffered with arthritis her whole life - same situation as me, and she ended up being bed-ridden, her bones and joints completely destroyed. Determined that I would do whatever it took to avoid that situation, I have relied on God and stayed as active as possible. One day, searching for how nutrition affected arthritis on the internet, I came across Ezorb. Like most other people, I was skeptical about all the "success" stories. But I decided to give it a try. I bought some. I take between 4-6 capsules (or teaspoons) a day. This is what I have to say about it.........I can feel it...seriously. My bones and joints haven't felt so strong in a long time. The swelling that was in my wrists and fingers is gone. I am currently still taking Enbrel, but when I was just taking the Enbrel, I still had swelling and pain. Because it takes longer for some people to see results than others, I believe that as I continue taking it, I will be able to go off of prescription medicine! I took it for over a month before I started to notice a difference....but now I can definitely tell it's working. There's a lot of things out there that people claim can heal the pains of arthritis, but even in working with my diet, I didn't find the relief and actual restoration of my joints as I have in taking Ezorb. It is truly an answer to prayer for me:)
God Bless,

I have been taking your product for six months it has made a different in my life. I was not walking on my right knee very good. After taking Ezorb I feel like a person brought a product that will make in different in your life. I went to the doctor he checked my right knee. At that time he stated that my knee was not turning in. I was thinking at that given time I hope it never does that. The cartlige is wearing off that knee. The fact I found your product to be amazing. I had to give it a try. When I read about not having to have surgery on this knee. Thanks Ezorb! I can move much better and get more things done."
- G.T., California

I don't really believe in testimonials, since you never see one reflecting any negative comments. However, one in particular that you had posted on your web site caused me to order Ezorb. - It was from a gentleman with bone spurs that had received a container of Ezorb from his sister...etc.. I thought that this was either genuine, or your marketing department were really creative. I ordered the product and it arrived within 5 days (which I consider quite speedy, since I'm in Toronto, Canada - thank you) I decided to try 3 caplets a day to start with. After 3 days I noticed the pain in my knees (my problem area) had gone - i.e. under normal activity, like getting out of the chair and walking up and down stairs. I have been taking Ezorb for about a month now and have noticed the following very little pain (if any) under stress e.g. hiking up and down trails with a 200 - 300 ft vertical mountain biking (the real stuff - through forested trails) running 2-3 time a week, averaging 4-5 km a run no pain at all during normal daily activities - this includes going up the stairs at home two at a time (haven't done that in several years) every joint in my body used to experience some level of ache or pain, which has now gone - completely!
I have always been very active and have had ease up on most things and even had to give up playing squash because of the pain. Thank you very very much for a product that delivers far more than it advertises - this stuff is truly amazing! From an active 51 year old, now feeling like a 35 year old again! Please feel free to use this testimonial on your web site

My name is Frances and I am 57 years old. I have always been in good health. This past year of 2003 cost me a lot in doctor bills because I started having a lot of pain in my hip. I had four xrays, an MRI, and a bone scan on my hip and I eventually was told by my neurologist that I would just have to live with a certain amount of pain. Well he was wrong because I found out about ezorb by looking on the web about arithritis and i bought it. When you are a lot pain you will try anything. I started taking it three weeks ago and even I cant beleive how well it works. I am almost totally pain free. I stand all day on my job and this has been a godsend. Thanks and I will be ordering again just as soon as I need to.
- Frances

From July to August last year the arthritis pain on my right knee got worse. The swollen joint on my right knee was almost twice the size of the normal one. I was rushed to the emergency room twice during the period. Needless to say how much pain I was suffering. What really bothered me was that the doctor told me I had no other options but surgery if the combination of glucosamine and anti-inflammatory medication still wouldn't improve my condition within months. During a weekend visit in August my in-law Jim told me he and his wife Linda were using EZorb. Jim used it for the osteoarthritis on his wrists and Linda had been using EZorb for osteoporosis. Jim insisted that I try the bottle he bought for me. I was in so much pain that I would try anything. But frankly I didn't have high expectation for EZorb because I had tried too many supplements, many of which seemed working for a short period of time and then lost their touch. Bottom line - it wouldn't hurt. That's how I started taking EZorb. I still took the prescribed pain-relief medication but stopped taking glucosamine and chondroitin. About a month later I noticed that the swelling was getting away and soon I found myself cutting down on the pain-relief medication. Another month went by the swelling and inflammation had completely gone. By the end of the third month, I was pain-free and decided to quit taking pain-relief medications which I lived with for the past three years. My knee has grown back to normal. Thank God I'm once again living a normal life. I can move, I can bend over, I can even run, without PAIN! I've never given up on myself and I knew I would be saved. This time it was EZorb. Undoubtedly it restored the cartilage in my joint and filled it up with the collagen joy! Thank you for the wonderful product. To my fellow Americans who are suffering from arthritis pain, don't lose your faith and keep an open mind.
-Dan Simons, OH

Thank you so much for your advice. For the first 2 months I took EZorb along with Aspirin and gradually reduced Aspirin intake. Now I'm on EZorb alone. Finally got rid of Aspirin. And my arthritis pain's gone. Thanks again!
-Matt Landon, TX

I've been on EZorb for 5 months. Before that I used CMO, glucosamine and pain relievers. The pain always came back. Now I believe only EZorb gets to the root cause of arthritis pain. I don't feel the pain any more. My joints are more smooth. I don't hear the clicking any more.
-Dave Lewis, SC

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Bone Spurs Testimonies

Hi, my name is Carol Bolding. I began taking E-zorb in the fall of 2008. I had severe bone spurs on both my feet in addition to plantar fasciitis. After about 8 months, my bone spurs disappeared and have not returned. Also, my plantar fasciitis has improved dramatically. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 4 years ago. It is significantly better. I am so thankful that I found E-zorb! I will continue to take this product!

Some years back, my right heel was hurting me so bad. I could hardly walk around the bed. I got to reading on the computer and went to ezorb and ordered. Soon as it came I took it and within a day the pain left , and has never came back. I was so amazed in just a short time , when I had suffered so long and so much . I have told many people of ezorb and take it all the time. Thank you so much for your product. Linda

I just ordered another bottle of EZorb powder and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with EZorb. I started taking it because I had heel spurs and the pain was excruciating. I decided to try EZorb because I always had difficulty with calcium supplements in the past; I always became unreasonably irritable after taking them. I couldn't stand myself and I wanted to avoid the moodiness and nastiness so I stopped taking them at a time in my life when I needed them. EZorb worked!! But even more than ending the pain of heel spurs, I found after 3 months that my shoulders didn't hurt as much and the longer I take it, the better my knees are. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees a year earlier and was coping with the constant pain and stiffness as best I could. I still have some pain but my knees hurt so much less and I can do so much more than I could. I thank you very much for this product.
Janice K.

Hi, my name is Steve from England UK. I had this shocking pain in my left ankle for about a year. Pain when I got out of bed in the morning/ and I could not go for long walks without feeling pain limping after about 15 minutes walking. There was a friend I worked by had the same problem he had tests and found it was a heel spur /plantar fasciitis. After he told me what it could be I went home and looked for help on my computer. I came across ezorb site. I was a bit worried about taking tablets at first but I convinced myself to try your product and wow: after taking 8 tablets a day I was a new man after about 6 months. I would recommend this product. As for my friend who said he would not try the tablets he had a painful operation and he was out of work for 1 year. It's everyone's choice but I feel I made the best one. I hope this letter helps other people like I was.
Thank to you all at ezorb,
Steve, U.K. England

Hi, my name is Connie. After developing heel pain I searched the net for possible non-medical solutions. I had never heard of EZorb. I read the testimonials with interest (as I also have fibromyalgia and other joint problems) but took them with a grain of salt (who knows who posted those comments?). I would really like to know what this stuff is and how it works--because WORK -it does!! The pain in my left hand, which was making it useless is almost completely gone. I can hold a book with it again. The pressure points in my hips which would be painful by early morning--assuring that I be an early riser---is gone. As for the heel pain--if I press real hard I can still feel a tender place on my heel. All this after 4 days of 6 tsp. of EZorb per day. My husband has now started taking it and I can think of 5 or 6 friends I would like to have try this.
CM from PA

Hi, my name is Jan Q. I began having pain in my heel around March 2008. I figured it was a heel spur, as I remember what a friend went through. She had to have the spur surgically removed. Since I didn't want that, I remembered reading that Ezorb could help. I began taking the eight capsules a day, and I am pain free. At this point, I have not been able to reduce the amount, because it tends to flare up a little if I do. Obviously, the Ezorb is working. I hope to be able to reduce the amount soon, and eventually be entirely rid of the spur. Thanks for a great product.

Hi, my name is Linda. I am 64 years old; very healthy and exercise (Pilates, strength training, Nautilas) three times a week for 2 hours; which I have been doing since I was 30. In the last few years, my lower back would always end up hurting the next day. After getting it x-rayed by my chiropractor; I found out I had bone spurs on my spine and my back was a mess. I started taking EZORB in May 2008 and within the first week; I noticed I didn't have any back pain. This summer, I would also work out in my yard all afternoon (mowing, digging, flower gardening; etc.) and the back pain I used to get, is gone. I have been telling anyone who complains about back and other pain problems about EZORB and how wonderful it is; and will continue to. This product is amazing.

Hi, my name is Lorene. Still not walking, but I feel better. I am 75 and I realize the older you are the harder or longer it is to recover. I will be ordering my fourth bottle of EZorb. I take 6 caps a day. I feel that soon I will be able to walk. The last time I walked for a week and it was wonderful but I picked-up a flower pot, the pain shot to my foot so here I am again. The swollen has gone. This time I need to take it easy for a long time before I start being active again. EZORB is easy to take and doesn't upset my stomach like other calciums. I had a hair line fracture and before that I was treated for spurs, shots, drugs, x-rays, ice, exercise and much more, for 10 years. Then I was great for 7 years. Can you believe that? My life was a mess. I asked god to show me the way, and that night the advertisement for EZORB was on the internet. I first started in APRIL. I hope it's not too late for me. Oh I forgot that I had a bone density test and the scores were low, will take another one in APRIL (one year). I will keep in touch.

Hi, my name is Toni. I suffered from heel spurs, walked with a limp, was in so much pain I had to hold on to furniture to walk. I used e-zorb for several months and I walk normal again and have no pain. E-zorb worked for me. Please don't ever stop selling it because if the pain ever comes back I know what product I will be back on in a heartbeat. I give the all the credit to E-zorb and God for my heels not hurting anymore. I had tried shoe inserts, different types of shoes, expensive shoes and nothing worked. Ezorb did it for me.

Hi, my name is Linda. Thank you l have been suffering with a heel spur for at least a year. I'm a walker and l had to quit walking, until l came across EZORB on the internet so l thought l would try it. Well it did wonders. I've been on it for a year and l feel great. I'm back walking and l feel great. I'm going to ask the doctor for a bone density test to see how good I'm doing.
Thank you again,
Linda Q Canada

I was in so much pain that I was about to give up working and find a surgeon to take the bone spurs out of my heels. Every step felt like blades were cutting through the bottoms of my feet. Then I found EZorb online and tried it. After about a month someone at work asked me why I was in such a good mood. I suddenly noticed it was because I was in less pain. I can't thank you enough can't wait to see the results on the second bottle.
Thank you,

My wife and I started taking coral calcium about fall of 2003. We had taken it faithfully for probably a year and half to 2 years. I started getting a pain under my heel. It became apparent it was a heel spur. I knew heel spurs were caused by calcium deficiency. That indicated the coral calcium wasn't doing the job. I started searching on the internet under heel spurs. I found your site and ordered EZorb. In 3 weeks the heel spur was gone and has never came back. We tried another plant based calcium product for a while but are back to EZorb. I have told others about it, too. Keep up the good work of providing an excellent product for the health of America.

Hi, my name is Mike Meents. I started to look for an alternative to pharmaceutical NSaids after I developed heel spurs. My knees were already giving me problems as well as my left shoulder. I saw a testimonial about EZorb on a heel spur web site, but wasn't convinced. I saw it mentioned again on an arthritis web site. This testimonial stated that he had been using EZorb for six months and it worked very well. What convinced me to try it was that he went on to state that he didn't sell EZorb, but rather wanted people to know that it worked. I thought I liked the idea of trying EZorb better than an operation, and the price was definitely right if it worked as well for me. Well let me tell you, after six months of use, this stuff is incredible. I now have a sister and one of her friends who will agree. Please, give this stuff a try.

I have been in pain I have never known, heel pain. I was almost crippled, went to a Ped. spent over 500.00 still in pain did everything he said no relief. Research for days and week on the internet and ordered things for heel pain pad, inserts, nothing working. Then I came across your website and saw you had something for heel pain so I ordered EZorb not knowing if it would work or not, was on it three days and noticed at a Lowes store on day its wasn't hurting as bad. I almost started crying I couldn't believe it so I thought it was the other stuff I ordered but realized I wasn't using the pads and inserts.
I couldn't figure out what was going on so I said it must be the EZorb so I got down the bottle and started reading and got on internet and read your whole website. Thank God you had this product I got up this morning and almost started running. It's a miracle no pain this is blowing my mind. I have tried everything spend lots of money but no help. You need to put an ad in the papers and get on T.V. people need to know more about you this is unbelievable. I will be telling everyone I know about this. I'm 59 and starting to have knee and neck problems but this heel thing is pure torment. I'm feeling great all over, I'm a customer for life and I'm going to get the word out. Thanks more than you will ever know now I have my life back. I love to walk with my Grands now I can.
Peggy Furr

Just a note to let you know that just a few days after Christmas I started on Ezorb. I was suffering from heel spurs. I had tried everything, including painful injections in the heels. That relief was only temporary. After starting with Ezorb I began getting relief within a couple weeks and within a couple months the pain had almost subsided and within 4 months it was basically gone. This has been a great product for for me. I am 59 years old but am very active and your product has allowed me to again do the things that I want to do. I have recommended your product to several people with confidence they will experience the same results as myself. Today I reordered my personal supply as I do not want to be without it.
Thank you,
Fred B.
President of a global staffing company

Hello Tanya, We have received our last shipment of ezorb, my wife is taking them and what a difference most of the aches and pains have subsided, the heel spurs were the worsed and have eased greatly. I have recomended this product to people that have muscle or joint pain. IT WORKS Thank you Davi

I found your EZorb product while searching for a heel spur remedy on the internet. I have now taken the EZorb powder for four months and I am thrilled with the results! Not only has my heel spur disappeared, but my bone and joint pain has decreased tremendously as well. My nails have become so strong and don't break and my hair is no longer falling out. My life has changed so much. I told four of my dear friends who have all placed orders for the EZorb and the MARVLIX. Now they are just as devoted and thrilled as I am. Last month I ordered my first bottle of MARVLIX. I noticed that I feel calmer and less stressed after only two weeks! Your products are amazing and they really work! I can't believe that I was looking for a heel spur remedy and found the "fountain of youth".
Thank you so very, very much for changing my life by offering such beneficial products. You are a God send.
Dawn B.
Age 59

I want to thank you so much for your product of calcium aspartate anhydrous. I had bone spurs and in three week there is a dramatic change I can walk without pain and I did not need an operation or special shoes. This medicine is wonderful and anyone suffering with bone spurs at least try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and be like me. The price is high but an operation is a lot higher and so are the shoes, again please try this, I'm glad I did. I'll recommend this very highly. Please feel free to use my name.

Hi, my name is John Henry. I had a right heel bone spur that I developed from my trip across the ocean. I found EZorb in the new land and took it back with me to Europe along with Pocahontas. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. Thanks EZorb.

I have been using your calcium supplement off and on for a few years now. Originally it was for heel spurs, for which I needed an operation or ultrasound treatment, neither of which I was willing do undergo due to the negative effects so I was giving the calcium supplement the benefit of the doubt and gave it a try. Needless to say it worked. It has also been the only calcium supplement to counteract muscle cramps from my job, where I have to be on my feet 12 hours a day, using my hands for delicate work under pressure as a respiratory therapist at a major New York City hospital. Other supplements do the job but not nearly as well. That is why I keep coming back to E-Zorb. It is the best product I have used and is easy to use either in powder or capsule form, although the powder form is best for my uses, both for the dosage needed, ease of use in any drink and speed of effectiveness. I am going to try the Marvlix and will expect good results from this product also, judging from the genuine benefits of your original product.
Yours Sincerely,
G Nedzweck, RRT

I have suffered with bone spurs for about 20 years. I have had the painful injections for years that do nothing but stop the problem for a little while and it was back to hobbling and suffering. About 5 months ago, I was hobbling in to work along with a man who worked in my building. I apologized to him for being so slow and explained that I had bone spurs. He told me that his girlfriend had them and that she had cured them with Ezorb. I got online and purchased 3 bottles and began taking the pills immediately after they arrived in the mail. Within 1-2 months I began to see a difference. I spent the day walking in sandels for hours and my feet never hurt me once! It is so nice to get out of the bed and not hobble. I want to thank you for Ezorb. I am sure it has helped me with other problems I did not know I had - even a "trigger finger". Thanks so much for this wonderfully, natural, and not-painful cure.

Dear Sirs,
I purchased your product in August of last year because of a bone spur on C7. This was excruciatingly painful with a red hot ice pick pain in my right shoulder. X-rays showed a hawk bill like structure in C7 that was surrounding the nerve to the right shoulder. My Dr. held little hope. No surgery could be done because this thing was completely surrounding the nerve. After only a few weeks of Ezorb the pain just disappeared and that was 11 months ago. My question to you now is this: could Ezorb dissolve the calcium buildup in arteries? Seems that if it can dissolve a bone spur then it should dissolve placque in arteries. I ask this because I have problems in the legs from reduced blood flow. Any help is greatly appreciated.
C. Hart

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I started using EZorb about 4 years ago for heel spurs. I went to a Podiatrist initially and underwent 2 painful cortisone shots which did not help. I used OTC pain meds, ice, corrective orthotics in my shoes to no avail. The pain was causing me severe discomfort and I had to make a decision on whether to have surgery. As a nurse, the thought of having to be off work with this surgery for several weeks was depressing to me. I was surfing the web and found the EZorb website. To be honest, I am not a true believer of "natural" medications too often and I have learned not to believe everything I read. For some reason, the testimonials I read about this product convinced me to try it. The medical information made sense to me as well. I figured I needed the Calcium anyway, what could I lose? I was desperate to find something that would help, besides surgery. Within a week, I started noticing a difference with my pain. My heel spur pain has completely disappeared. I was told that heel spurs will do this, so I wasn't totally convinced until I started forgetting to take my EZorb. My pain started returning and so I resumed the product and low and behold, the pain went away again. I am now a true believer. I love to walk and the pain I was experiencing prevented me from doing this. I can say, without a doubt that EZorb was a life saver!
P.S. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and have been in remission for many years. I believe also that the EZorb has allowed this remission to continue.

Hi My name is Charlene. I surfed the internet and came across ezorb. I have spurs in my neck. So i ordered ezorb. I've been on it over a week and i love it! My pain is 90 percent gone. My husband also has spurs in his neck too. So conviced him to take it to and he loves it too. He felt relief too. Good product. Thank again!

I had previous success with heel spurs, and now I am so happy! I can not feel them anymore. They were so painful, and I had an infant to take care for. I am so very glad that I did not go for surgery! I am still doing well, and I took the product for only a month. Results were felt in just two weeks, after having my second child and having previous knee surgery, I am thinking about ordering more. I would only require to take the minimum dosage to maintain strong bone and joint health. That's a small price to pay in the long run. I want to be healthy and active with my family, and in the future with my grandchildren. That's what life is all about, sharing and enjoying the time with the people you care about the most! There are so many people who need help with arthritis, and I have told them about your product, but so many more need to be committed to give it a chance, because it can change your life better!
Thank you so much,

I cannot thank you enough for your EZorb capsules. I've been using them for almost 3 weeks and though my heel isn't completely better, I am able to walk without sharp pain. I was desperate to find something that helped. Your product also arrived within 3 days of when I ordered it. I expected to have to wait weeks. Thanks!!!

I hope this will help someone to make up his/her mind how good EZORB really is. Hi my name is Eugene I am now 72 years young I still play Soccer with young and old players and encountered heel spur when I was 70, from which I recovered in 3 month after taking EZORB. Just recently, I noticed pain in my joints and muscles. I reordered more EZORB 3-4 month ago, my joints don't crack anymore and muscle pain is gone. Thanks for your wonderful product and the Internet to make this happen so we can share and benefit with every one in need. Where there is HOPE, There are Possibilities
E. H. Binksma

Please acknowledge receipt of this email. After 2 years of pain with plantar faschiitis and heel spurs I can now work during the day and still enjoy a stroll in the evening or even a game of golf. My handicap has even come down to 7 and I can enjoy my game without worrying how many holes I will be able to play before the pain starts.
Thanks Ezorb
Fiona J, Carnoustie

I recently discovered EZorb calcium by searching for heel spur on the net. I had been suffering daily for over two months from this condition which had me hobbling around. I read their claim to resolve heel spurs with Ezorb product and reasoned it was worth a try over the possible surgical alternative. Within three days the spur pain was gone and I have been pain free for the past three weeks. I know the importance of calcium, and was previously taking barefoot coral calcium. When I think aboutit, the heel spur was a blessing in that it helped me discover this better product. I am now hopeful that I will experience improved general health as I continue to take EZorb. My thank goes out to the Ezorb people. You have a new steady customer.
- Larry in AZ

Hi, my name is Pat, One year ago in June my left heel became very painful to walk on. At first I thought I just bruised it and the pain would go away in a few days but it just continued to get worse. It continued to hurt for weeks and weeks with no letting up in the pain department. I went to the doctor and they told me I had a bone spur and suggested stretching exercises and possibly arch supports to wear in my shoes or they could perform surgery to remove the spur and I opted out for that. I went to Good Feet and purchased a pair of very expensive arch supports and wore them for weeks and still had the pain in the heel. So I went on line to search out info. about bone spurs and ran across the E-Zorb and read the testimonials and I was greatly impressed and decided to order some. I began taking 8 EZorb a day and it took about 3 months of that before I started realizing that the pain was much less and I thought - Gee this stuff is great - it is working and I have to tell you I was very skeptical when I started but thought what have I got to loose - may as well give it a try. It is wonderful. It is now one year later and I no longer have my bone spur. It gradually just went away. I continue to take EZorb every day though because I dont want to get another bone spur because they are extremely painful and I have to be on my feet all day. I cannot say enough good things about EZorb.

I too would like to add my success to EZorb calcium, I had a heel spur on my right foot and could hardly walk when I got out of bed in the morning, I really don't know I have it any more. I also was taking coral calcium which did nothing for me. So happy I looked on the internet for heel spurs and found your product. I will never be without it. Thanks so much."
- M.L.

I have a great success story with EZorb. This is August and in July we were planning a huge move. I've had a spur in the right heel since LAST NOVEMBER!! I saw my doctor who had x-rays done and $425.00 later I was told what I already knew - I had a spur. I tried several of the exercises that were recommended and then I decided to surf the net and read on the whys and whats of spurs. Thus entered EZorb in June to my life. I could not walk on my foot more than an hour. Shopping was not even a suggestion. Limping everywhere I went...and yes on the verge of tears from pain and frustration. I ordered EZorb. Why not, what could I lose? 8 tablets a day and by the 7 day I felt a difference...and in July I was amazed at the change. We were going to move from our home to a Condo and I was ready for this!! UNBELIEVABLE. I tell so many people about this and several are starting to order EZorb. After 12 hours on my feet my foot hurts some...but then everything should hurt after 12 hours on your feet!! I cannot believe the difference it has made for me… Another living proof is my husband who has patiently put up with me and my whining and suffering. He now has started the product for his knees...and legs, and tells that after 6 a day for one week he already can feel the difference.

My 82 year old mother will be next…talked over last night and today my day is on the net checking it out!! LOVE THE PRODUCT. I cannot explain how nice it is to walk again with out pain, keep up with the granddaughter and everyone else, rather than everyone waiting for me! I suffered 7 painful teary months and I cannot believe the success of EZorb myself... almost gone and feeling better!! Thank you! Maybe I should get a family discount... I will continue to use the product and plan on cutting back next month to 4 a day.

Hi, my name is Mary F. I had a heel spur that was so painful. I was told physical therapy could break it up and my body would absorb it. Well I went through at least 2 1/2 months of therapy and it still felt the same. My podiatrist said he could do surgery and I would be on crutches for about 1 month. Well I'm too busy to be laid up like that. I was also told that after surgery, years down the road I would have more problems because of the surgery. So I got on the computer and typed in heel spurs. Well thanks be to God, your product came up. I've been taking it for about 4 months now and my foot is totally pain free. Also, my OB-GYN wanted to put me on Fosamax for osteopenia. Well since taking your product and a bone scan later, there's significant improvement with my bones. Thank you soooooo much for your product.

I've had bone spurs in my shoulder and back for over 10 years. I've tried everything and nothing worked...took EZorb for seven months and the pain that's bothered me all these years finally gone. I thank the Lord Jesus for the miracle...and for leading me to find EZorb.

Dear Beck,
I have made two purchases from you and purchased two more bottles of Ezorb. Another for me and one for a friend. I work a hospital and have been suffering from a painful heel spur in my left foot for a year. There have been suggestions about cortisone injections and possibly surgery. I packed away all my high heel shoes and was not able to attend my exercise classes. I am a true skeptic as there are many remedies on the market today that make proomises with no positive outcomes. I could not believe the results and after two months I am pain free. I attended my aerobics class this week and it was as though i have never had a heel spur at all!!! Thank you for listing a great product and thank you for the fast delivery and wonderful customer servce.
I hope you don't mind but I am giving your site to many friends.
Pam Hand
Carmel, Maine

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Fibromyalgia Testimonies

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you so much for your time in explaining the Ezorb product to me. I received the product and within days I noticed a definate difference in the pain I was having in my knee. I currently live in a very humid and cold climate so when there are climate changes here, my knee noticably hurts. Since I have started taking your product I have not the excruciating pain I was having.
Thanks again,
Laine Alexander

Hi! I have fibromyalgia, severe degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis. It all began with a broken ankle four years ago. Two months ago I was searching the internet for information about fibromyalgia and came upon Ezorb. I am the caretaker of my hospice-bound mother and the constant pain was becoming crippling. I knew I had to do something. I ordered both the tablets and the powder. Within the week of receiving my order, I noticed that the deep and sharp pains had begun to lessen but I didn't want to jinx myself. I waited another week and, even though I still had some pain, I could move and walk with much more ease. Everyone was noticing the difference. Then I ran out of the tablets without realizing it. I tried the powder but, for some reason, I couldn't stand the taste in any liquid. So I ordered 6 more containers of the tablets. Those six days without the product were horrible. The pain was back and I couldn't believe how stupid I was for not realizing that I only had the powder left. I will never be without these miracle tablets again. I gave the powder to a friend and she can take it and does. Thank you for producing a product that has allowed me to function without the pain. I had forgotten how it feels to be painless.

It has been three weeks now since my wife started taking Ezorb. After four months of pain this week she says her pain level is down from a 7-8 to a 5-6, and I can see a difference in her. I feel like I'm getting my wife back. (and boy did I miss her!) I found you on the web and took a chance. She has pain in her legs and arms and it is looking like it is fibromyalgia. We are hoping your product has stopped it cold.
Bob R, Roseville CA

I received my bottle of EZORB about 10 days ago. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. I can already feel the relief from pain after taking EZORB. I took the bottle to my doctor, and she said that she was glad that I am getting the calcium that I need, and that the benefits of relieved pain will perhaps help my Diabetes and Heart Disease. I am very pleased with the results that I have already gotten. Thank you.

Hi, My name is Tamara and I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I was desperate, I tried everything to alleviate my flares and painful periods. Nothing worked until I tried EZorb. I have not even gone through one bottle yet and as soon as I started taking it after a few days I had so much energy and my flare ended. I will continue taking this. This is completely unbelievable!
Thank you EZorb!

Hi, my name is Janet Salazar and I have never experienced such significant result from any other supplements before -- until I tried EZorb. My fibromyalgia symptoms started last year. Almost every night as I go to bed, the pain, mostly traveling from my shoulder, arm, fingers, back of my knees, and legs. It's a different kind of pain I've never experienced before, I could not even describe it. I cried every time. I tried taking pain relievers, even did hot water bottle. But the relief were always temporary and short-lived. In the morning when I woke up, my fingers would feel very numb and it would take a while before I could move them and feel that they are "normal". One day, I was on this fibromyalgia site, and I came across some stories about EZorb and how great it worked for the people who were experiencing the same painful symptoms as I did. I became very curious and kept on reading. To make the story short, I got so convinced (which does not happen very often, as I have very strong tendencies to be skeptical about products with too much "too-good-to-true" testimonials) with EZorb and I told my partner I wanted to try it. We purchased 6 big bottles of the powder form and started taking it with our beverages May 7 this year. And after just a week of taking EZorb powder (works great with our orange juice, dissolves completely with no after-taste!) -- I immediately felt the difference! My pain was significantly reduced, and I became more active. And my partner has lesser painful days with her knee problem. Now, after 7 weeks of regularly taking it, I am almost pain-free! Thank you very much, EZorb. I hope so many others who suffer from pain get to know about EZorb and try it -- it is definitely life-changing.

Hi, my name is Gail Tiede. I have had pain for years. It started in my wrist, then progressed to my elbow and moved up to my shoulder. I have been on several drugs that my Dr prescribed along with anti-inflammatories which made gave me problems with my stomach while never getting me over the pain. My only relief was using an ice-pack. I even went to physical therapy and they tired everything and told me to go back to my Dr, who sent me to the Phy Therapist in the first place. He gave me cortisone shots that were very painful and did nothing. It was really frustrating. I never got any relief. The pain was consistent and on top of the fact that I have headaches a lot of the time. One day about a year ago, I was surfing the net when I came across Ezorb. It was my last resort. I ordered some and went on it right away. I got some relief from my pain in 3 days, but after about 3 months of taking the large dose for Fibromyalgia patients (I was never diagnosed with it) I was finally getting relief. Now as long as I stay on that dose I have mostly pain free days. Thank you Ezorb!! I have my life back again! It even stopped some of my daily aches and pains that I didn't care about. I feel like a new person. I can enjoy my grandkids again! They are also very good when it comes to customer service. I don't feel abandoned once I buy something from them like I do when I buy from other companies online. They are quick to respond. I hope you continue offering your products for a long time!
Thank you from a lifetime customer!

Hi, my name is Jackie. I've been using E-Zorb for approximately two months now and the results I'm having are amazing. I suffer from both arthritis and fibromyalgia and usually my pain level is a constant 5-6 on the 1-10 pain charts. After four days on E-Zorb amazingly it dropped to about two. About 10 days later I went on a 800 mile trip that ordinarily would have left me crippled for at least five days this time I was able to walk, run, drive the whole nine yards. E-Zorb is so unbelievably amazing. I really cannot say enough good things about it.
Thanks so very much! I love E-Zorb.

Hi my name is Maria and I love your product. I am not able to live without it. If it wasn't for you guys I would still be in my bed just waiting for my day to end. I'd pray so much to find something that really would work but nothing came close to what you guys have. I have fibromyalgia and it was so frightening to be feeling such pain that over came to my body. Not knowing what would come next. I felt I was in hell and now I am back in heaven, thank to your product. I love it and it's the most amazing thing next to god and grace. I have told so many people that they have thank me so much it's like an angel falling from the sky. And I tell them to thank god and who ever invented the product which it's your company. Keep up your good work which it's god send to you. And god bless you and all the staff. Now I am able to go to my daughter's school and participate soccer games and go to trips and drive without getting lost. And dress without any complaints and shower myself without help and comb my hair without no fuss. And my brain fog has diminished and I speak now where I am able to be understood. I remember where I put my keys now and I remember phone numbers and I am able to sleep more hour at least 4 straight hours, take a bite then go back for another 4 hours of sleep. I wash the dishes and I could just go on and on. I feel I am ready to go back to work but due to recession I am having a hard time finding a job. I have over come my sadness to being cheerful. I go to church and serve the lord. I am one happy cookie. Thank you guys again and again for this amazing product. I wish I could do something for your company by selling your product out but you guys have guidelines to follow. So I respect that. Well got to go thank you again. I love you all.

I have been using EZorb for close to 5 months now and there are not words that can describe the transition in my life. I am 57 and a very active woman. In the last couple of years I have progressively developed symptoms of fibromyalgia. By December of 2006, my body pretty much gave out and I was in excruciating pain. My hips/legs were untouchable with pain. My knee swelled up, I couldn't walk, I couldn't sleep, anxiety was over the edge; never in my lifetime have I experience such an overwhelming variety of discomfort . . . I went to an acupuncturist and had treatments to no avail. I went to another acupuncturist who said he "would not touch me" and that I needed to see an endocrinologist (I was on crutches at this point). I went to a specialized group of naturopathic doctors that worked solely with an abusive amount of supplements/vitamins/tests, spending thousands of dollars in little over a month. I was a "number" with absolutely no results. I went to a Homeopathic individual who had me on??? (so many) remedies that at times made things worse. I went to two separate healing spiritualists practicing "touch" healing. One was out in left field and the other was disconnected. With no results throughout all of these experiences, I ended up in the hospital twice for help with pain. I researched tremendously on the internet throughout all of this time of over six-months and finally found Ezorb. Being quite skeptical, I called & wrote to the staff at Ezorb with many questions of which they unconditionally answered with compassion. I wrote to a customer of theirs as I began the journey with Ezorb and she guided me with what to expect. I've not met her, but am eternally grateful for her time and patience. I have been using Ezorb for just 4 months and began getting my life back in the first two of months. It takes time to heal, but the astounding relief in such a short period, along with the progressive encouragement each month, is a gift in this life that I will never forget. I believe it is important to say that unquestionably, stress plays a 'major' part with fibromyalgia and I continue to learn this each day. I am in the process of just getting my long awaited business off the ground and can't begin to express the gratitude to Ezorb. If there is any way I can contribute to spreading this word around, I would be pleased to do so. Thank you profoundly...
L.A. Light

Hi, my name is Ruth. I was told I had Fibromyalgia Oct. '05. Did extensive research and found EZorb. I started taking it Oct. 17th, '05. Started with a personal trainer Oct. 28th. My knees and hands were so swollen I had my rings changed from a size 6 to a size 9. I could hardly walk, had to rest often, was walking at least one mile, or more a day, had to stop that. Had to stop working in my yard, cleaning the house now took three or four days instead of one. Just being awake was painful. Sleeping was impossible. I thought my life was over. I kept in touch with a very helpful gentleman P.Z. at the Elixir Industry about EZorb and what effect it was having on me. He would tell me to continue to take it twice a day and I would see results. At times I had no hope of ever getting better but did continue taking it. My personal trainer said she could help me with fibromyalgia but she thought I had rheumatiod artritis also. Went to a specialist and indeed I do have both. She said I needed more help than she could give me. I tried other medications for a while but was getting nowhere. Started wtih another personal trainer and stayed with the EZorb. The personal trainer told me of a health food product. In a matter of weeks the swelling had gone away and some of the pain. I continued to talk to the gentleman about EZorb and he said I would start feeling lots better. I am so happy I listened to him and stayed with my program. EZorb is something that helped give me my life back and I will continue to take it the rest of my life. I am not walking as much as I would like but I am able to work with the personal trainer two times a week now and feel better for it. Sleep much better and am enjoying life a lot more. The best report I can give about EZorb is: Seven years ago I had a bone density test. I was told then I head osteroporosis and needed to take medication. I tried that and the side effects were not good. Took what I thought was an excellent calcium not knowing about EZorb at that time. I just had another bone density test and my report is too good to believe. My bone density has stayed the same as it was seven years ago. The doctor could hardly believe it due to the fact that I am seven years older and that makes me the young age of 76 years. Needless to say EZorb and exercise are a part of my life from now on. I am so grateful P.Z., with EZorb, was so patient with me and that I listened to him. I could have given up and he could have also. I have recommended this product to so many people and will continue to do so. Thank you so much.

I was surfing the net and came upon EZorb Calcium. I decided to order it. I just received it yesterday and took one teaspoon. I immediately felt better. I suffer from fibromyalgia but for some reason I could feel my muscles relax the minute I took the calcium. Today I took another teaspoon and again I could feel my pain lessening and the muscles relax. I'm excited about this because I have been in pain for years from an accident and fibromyalgia. Today I feel hope where I didn't think there was any...........thank you!
- Laura C

Hi! My name is Nicole. I am 62 years old. At the age of 50, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At 54, after my husband passed away, my condition worsened. My body constantly felt like a ball of fire and to top it all off, I was afflicted with two heel spurs. I went from the customary antiinflammatories to the painkillers and as a last resort to cortisone shots. But to no avail. I discover through my browsing on the internet an anti-aging product that was supposed to heal all kind of ailments including fibro. It worked for a while but after a few months the pain and the aching came back with a vengeance. Then, I came across Ezorb. This was a gift from my guardian angel. At first, I was skeptical but I soon realize that this magic powder was doing wonders for my body. The pain, the burning and the aching dissappeared by the day. I now have a productive and fulfilling life. The look of concern on my face has been replaced by a constant smile. I have ordered it for my 88 year old mother who has been plagued with osteoporosis for a very long time; she seems to be thriving on it. I have recommended it to numerous friends affected with arthritis and rheumatism. Thank you Ezorb for giving me my life back!
Nicole F.
Montreal, Canada

Hi, my name is Terry Swick, Chino, CA. I have Fibromyalgia, Bursitis and L5-S1-3 Radiculopathy. The stiffness is so bad in the morning from the Fibromyalgia, that it would take me up to 2 hours before I could actually start walking good. Like most of us with FMS, we will try almost anything to get rid of the pain and stiffness. I have, and nothing has worked. UNTIL I came across EZorb. Wow! What a difference! I have been able to cut my intake of prescription pain medication almost in half! When I feel pain coming on now or stiffness, I go directly for the EZorb, mix it with my green tea, and drink it. It helps SO MUCH! I use the powder form and absolutely love it! I can't even begin to thank you for putting out such a wonderful product! God Bless You!
Terry Swick, Chino, CA

Thank you for such a quick and satisfying answer. Taking this product the first three days took me out of the brain fog that I have had for the last ten years. I thought that I was loosing my mind because I had not experienced such clear vision and reduction in the brain fog. I hope that my sister will experience relief from the Fibro pain that she has had for the last twenty years. Her doctors have not been able to assist her with any of the prescriptions."
- P.D., Missouri

Hi, my name is Joy. I was researching the internet one day, desperate to find some information on "Fibromyalgia". I suffered a car accident in Nov. 2002 and have never been the same since then. I cannot take pain medications as I react strongly to each of them. If I remain on medication I cannot perform at a 9 to 5 job.

I read the story of Maggie. She inspired me, specially as her story is so identical to mine. Thank you Maggie for relating your experience. I decided to try Ezorb - there was nothing to lose. This was a month ago. Back then, I was waking up with severe back pains and struggling to get through the day. Being a single mom, I was stressed, miserable and always in pain. My pain level has dropped amazingly since I started taking the recommended dosage for Fibromyalgia. I have more energy and do not wake up in pain any more.

i happened to be home sick and started surfing the net. i somehow came across ezorb. and ordered a bottle. Not really thinking anything would work. however, i did give it a try. i had breast cancer two years ago. and i am fine and intend to remain cancer free. however, after treatment and during treatment, i found it difficult to get up and walk. i would tell the doctors " my entire skeletel frame hurts. i couldn't even get up from a chair without being in severe pain." however, you cant get me down. i continued towork and climb two flights of stairs everyday at least two to three times a day. doctors said i have fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis and osteoporosis. oh, by the way, i had other surgery on my foot for a benign cyst and was out of work one week. and back to work with a cane. then i was shopping in the mall and my foot really hurt but after two weeks of it getting worse, i finally went to doctor and he found two (not one) broken bones. Needless to say, i was in a cast and walking with a cane again. I have been on a steady diet of motrin, flexirel, etc. etc etc. as well as eight different natural herbal pills from the harvest house. about one week after i started taking six tablets of ezorb per day, i had results for the first time since 2000. i can walk. i can get out of the car without crouching over and without walking slowly. i can get up from the chair after a movie and walk out without waiting till everyone leaves. i tried walking the treadmill, but notyet. so, all i can say, it is really working. and i am not even taking motrin or flexirel for the past 30 days. i have my own business, a very busy paralegal and attorney office in Santa Clara California. i am raising a fifteen year old granddaughter and very active in her school as well. i have come across so many people with fibromyalgia who are not working and all i can say, is the more i would stay at home, the worse i got. so, get out and try ezorb and magic happens.
thank you...-Maureen, CA

Hi, my name is Betty and I am from the Rock, (Newfoundland)
I have had fibromyalgia since 1992 and have had several episodes which prevented me from working for a number of years and later working at part-time low minimum wage jobs which was quite a drastic change from my previous job. I found out about E-Zorb through the internet, as I was preparing for a job interview of which I was totally skeptical about being able to do. I have been going to chiropractors and massage therapists for years but I knew I needed something else to get me back to work full time. Along comes E-Zorb and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about buying over the internet. I researched the company and decided to take the plunge. That was in Sept/05. I have been working full time, four 12 hr. shifts on and four off. I am kept going constantly at my job and at times it can be physically challenging. I have had one flare up since I started but lost only a few days work. Normally it would have been months. I still see my chiropractor and massage therapist and do strengthening exercises regularly. It has taken a combination of all of these to keep me in a job that I thoroughly enjoy. So, elixir industry, I tip my hat to you for making E-Zorb possible.
Woman with a totally new life!!!!

Hi my name is Charmaine. I'm from Australia. I'm 30 and after almost 2 years of agony been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Been on some heavy drugs for that time and I have now been using your product ezorb for about 2 weeks and can honestly say it has done wonders, not cured yet but a lot less muscle spasm and cramps and the pain is less too. Thank you Thank you Thank you to the finder. Anyway got a few sickies on this side and I have spread the word. So if you get a big order from Aussie you know it's your personal agent (free of change) selling your product on this side of the world. I just hope it works as well for them as what it did for me, they all have from fibro to osteo to rheumatoid arthritis. So wish us luck. Thanks again guys, and you do deserve god's blessing for such a wonder product. It actually does what you say, and you don't get that a lot these days.

Hi, my name is ...Rita
TO ALL FIBROMYALGIA PATIENTS: I have been a fibromyalgia sufferer for the past 8 years and wanted to tell anyone that has had to live with the pains, sleepless nights, and brain fogs that we as fibromyalgia patients all endure please suffer "NO MORE". EZorb gave me relief within the first week of using it. At first I was skeptical thinking that all these testimonials were fake but I was wrong; I am a witness that EZorb does work! I am a mother of 2 and for the first time in years I can actually play with them and enjoy living and smiling painfree! To the creators of EZorb I would like to thank you for giving me my life back.

I have noticed a slight decrease in muscle pain (I have Fibromyalgia), less Reflux disease and heartburn, and much better sleep since I have been taking EZorb. I am hoping that over time the fibro symptoms will continue to decrease, I have had this problem for over 30 years, so I cannot expect overnight success. I also think your produce is keeping my body slightly alkaline, which is another good thing.

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Other Testimonies

Hi, my name is Georgia. I couldn't put any pressure on my left hip, and it was beginning to burn while walking, too. Have been taking calcium in various forms plus vitamin D for years. Thought I was going to need hip surgery. I went on the web and looked up bone loss and found EZorb. The burning has completely gone, I can sleep on my left side, I can walk with ease. I am so glad to have found EZorb, and I tell everyone I know of this wonderful product.
Thank you!

Hi, my name is Hedy. It all started with knitting, believe it or not. A few years ago I did alot of knitting and began to have terrible pain in my neck. I underwent physiotherapy and it got somewhat better, however, shortly thereafter my husband suffered a stroke and I began wheeling his wheelchair up and down the ramp along with lifting things at certain times and then my right shoulder began to give me lots of pain. I had physiotherapy along with a cortisone injection but was told that due to my wheeling my husband around I would never be pain free. My arm was so bad that I couldn't even lift it up. Combing my hair became a real challenge. At the same time one of our friends was suffering from back pain, fibromyalgia, etc. and I was looking on the internet if I couldn't find something to help her when I came across Ezorb. After reading all about it and the testimonials I thought this might be something good for me. I ordered the Ezorb capsules and within one day after taking them I had no neck pain and have never had it since. My shoulder began to feel better and got progressively better and better until I can literally say the pain is just about gone. I tell everyone I know about Ezorb because it turned my life around. When friends see all the things I do with my husband they are just amazed. Thank you so much for this product. I just don't have enough words to say how thankful I am that I came across your product. I just started taking Marvlix and am anxious to see what this product will do for me. I'm definitely a happy camper and will continue promoting Ezorb. I started using ezorb last summer on the recommendation of an old friend. I had a shoulder problem which is now much improved. The other day I noticed that a split thumbnail that had not healed in 40 years is now knitted together. I put this down to ezorb.
Best regards,
Daphne H.

Hi, my name is Rich. I just turn 70 and live in Hawaii. I'm a surfer (50+ years surfing large & small waves in the Islands). Obviously, over time your joints and muscles begin to feel sore and uncomfortable. I tried over the counter drugs for a while to at least experience temporary relief, but as you know the long term side effects are a lot worst than the cure. I discovered EZorb on the web about six months ago and ordered three bottles. Since that time Ezorb has significantly reduced my aches and pains. Even though, I've always subscribed to healthy habits...eating properly, exercising, positive mental attitude, etc., I'm convinced that taking six EZorb tablets per day has given me the confidence to stay extremely active and continue surfing well into my 80's...ha...maybe 90's too!

In October of 2008 I started having a heel problem in my left foot - it would burn at night when I layed down to sleep and was very painful when I first woke up in the mornings. I searched the internet for heel pain and ran across the add for Ezorb - thinking it's just an advertisement and wouldn't really do any good I thought I would give it a good try so I ordered 3 bottles. After taking 8 tablets a day for about 15 days the pain was almost totally gone in my heel. I continued taking the ezorb and started back at the gym. My orthopedic doctor had told me I couldn't lift any weights more than 5lbs because of pain I suffered in both my elbows from arthritis. He said if I continued lifting heavier weights I would destroy my elbows. I also had thumb joint replacement 2 years ago in my left hand and was having some pain in my right hand. I noticed long about the middle of Dec. (started taking ezorb around the 15th of Nov.) that I didn't have the pain in my elbows or my hands. Here it is the end of January, I'm still taking 8 tablets a day but will be cutting back a few gradually. I'm truly amazed at how good I feel. I'm 64 and I work out at the gym 5 times a week, some days at least 3 1/2 hours doing different classes. I do cycle classes, yoga, pilates, body pump, crank and power sculpt every week - each class twice a week. I kept telling different people about Ezorb and today a couple told me I should surely send you a testimony and I agreed with them. I can't wait to have my next bone density test - I am borderline osteoporosis - I took Fosamax for a number of years and when I had my last bone density test I really had not improve very much so I decided to come off of it on my own about 15 months ago. Probably can't get another test for a year or so but I know that my scores will improve.
Again, Thank you so much Ezorb!!

Hi, my name is Catherine. I tried EZorb and recommended it to many friends. It truly helped me with knee pain. In fact, I felt so good I stopped the EZorb and now a year or so later I am ordering once again. I now have severe hip pain and I know I am low in calcium. So, this time I will always take EZORB and continue to be pain free. Thank you for a great product.

I asked the Lord to lead me to something. I started searching the internet. I got to where I could barely walk. A couple of nights ago my husband and I took a two mile walk. That's amazing. Before Ezorb, I could hardly get to the bathroom at night. I have had pain for years. All at once the pain just became so unbearable. The pain got into my ankle, up into my lower leg. The Lord is so good he led me to your website. Thank you so much. Ezorb seems to be helping tremendously.

"The product is better than great. I can move on my own. I can without a can or walker."

Hi, my name is Faron. I had a very nasty motor vehicle accident in 99 and spent a long time going to a chiropractor for low back pain and when I went to bed I would have pain in my feet on the out side of the foot just below the ankle joint and since taking ezorb it reduced my back and foot pain by over 50% and reduced my trips to the chiropractor by a fair bit. It is a great product.

Hi, my name is Bronwen. I purchased Ezorb and took it for no particular reason other than prevention. Also I have learned that good calcium is essential for the human body. A big surprise came my way after taking Ezorb for about a month, I noticed that my mature skin is beginning to become much firmer and brighter. I would recommend anyone the wonderful Ezorb for skin.

I'm 54. I would love to share my testimonial with any women at my age. I had some very bad experience with post-menopause symptoms. I had gone through sessions of estrogen replacement therapy which never really helped. My friend Jacky gave me a bottle of EZorb Calcium about 2 months ago. I started to feel the difference the very next day and have been taking it ever since. I felt I had a lot more energy and all the post- menopause uneasiness were gone. My husband Brant and my daughter Lindsey also felt the changes in me. They noticed that I am a more pleasant person. I even returned to the gym with Lindsey last week. EZorb Calcium has turned my life around.
-Julie Peterson, MA

I'm a mother of two. Ashley is 13 and Brandon is 12. I have been feeding them calcium supplements I bought from a nearby nutrition store since neither of them drink milk. I noticed that Ashley and Brandon were growing slower than their peers. My husband Mark is 6-2 and I'm 5-10. I took them to the Doctor for examinations. Test results showed my kids suffered from calcium deficiency. I started looking for the best source of calcium. Luckily I found EZorb. It worked out very well. Ashley and Brandon are catching up...I can feel the difference it makes. I myself started taking EZorb Calcium. I feel great.
-Shelley Wilson, CA

My son Alexander was borne last Tuesday. I want to share my joy with every woman in pregnancy. My blood pressure had been quite high during the pregnancy. As a result Alexander suffered from a severe complication. My doctor told me my baby and I needed a lot of calcium and he prescribed liquid calcium, which didn't work on us for some reason. I felt so helpless. My husband Trevor spent the entire weekend surfing the Internet and finally he bought two bottles of EZorb Calcium. Alex's situation got better ever since and I felt great too. My appetite came back and I felt I had more energy to move around. EZorb Calcium saved my child's life. God bless you.
-Diana Watkins, MN

I've been overweight for quite a while. I started to feel that my bones were overloaded about a year ago. I'd been looking for a calcium supplement that would work on me ever since. I had tried and given up on at least a dozen until I settled down on EZorb Calcium. I feel my body is lighter and my move is much quicker. My blood pressure is also down. I don't have breathing problems any more. This is fantastic.
-John Irvine, WI

I've only been on EZorb for 3 weeks and at last my fingernails are growing. And they are strong. I've tried every product on the market and nothing has worked. If EZorb does this for my nails, how can I question what it's doing for my bones. Thanks EZorb.
-CH, Alberta, Canada

I have an unusual medical history that dates back to when I was about seventeen (1977). At that time I developed a form of irritable bowel syndrome that resulted in intestinal "dumping" if I ate sugary foods. The problem gradually got worse and worse until just about anything would trigger it. I tried diet changes and various kinds of medications and nothing helped. Since this seems to have originated from the small bowel, it resulted in bile and stomach acids being dumped into the large bowel, which produced very unpleasant systemic symptoms -- basically I would feel terribly ill for a day or two afterwards, so I lived my life walking on eggshells. Starting in about 1998, a new problem was added: spontaneous cramps in various muscles. Sometimes it would be muscle masses just above the groin (at one point I was checked for appendicitis). Once I spontaneously tore a rotator cuff in one shoulder while sitting in a chair doing absolutely nothing but writing at my computer (it was treated by a sports medicine doc who assured me that this could NOT have happened spontaneously and wanted to know what I was trying to hide). Then I started having increasing, widespread muscular pain. I found your product while doing a web search on fibromyalgia and started taking it about a month ago. Starting about three weeks after beginning to take EZorb, I have had a complete remission of all symptoms -- not just the shoulder and other muscle pains (which was all I was hoping for) but the irritable bowel symptoms too. Apparently they all resulted from the same cause. Interestingly, I had seen tons of traditional and alternative medical practitioners over the years, one of whom (a naturopathic physician) had put me on a ton of supplements including a Cal-Mag supplement. It had no effect on this at all. EZorb stopped it in its tracks. Evidently I must be resistant to the absorption of calcium in some way, and the calcium carbonate or citrate forms don't do anything for me.
I'm glad I found you!

Hi, my name is C Jones. I have been on EZorb for one year. I have experienced amazing result in my knees and spine. One month after taking 10 EZorb for three months, I could climb stairs and walk without knee discomfort. Before I prayfully found Ezorb on the Web, I had a very bad painful experience with Forsomax. My doctor wanted to give me intravous Forsomax. I refused it. Then, he started me on once a month Boniva which I took for three months but I became increasingly wary of it. After a couple of months on Boniva, I noticed a rounding bulge in the upper back below my neck. I contacted Boniva and they responsed saying my problem was the first time they had heard of it and they requested that I give them access to my medical records. I had made up my mind that Boniva was not for me because the principles were the same as Forsomax. I prayed for a natural substance. To this day, I do not know how EZorb came up during my Web surfing but I thank Elohim that it did. I have sarcoidosis. My body usually could not handle high doses of vitamin D, including sunshine. Now, I take 5 EZorb daily, and it seems to help me in the sarcoidosis, too. I have increased energy even after I am in the sun for for a long while, strengthen bones including lower back and hips are pain free, walking is not a problem anymore. In a few month, I am anticipating my bone destiny test to see how much improvement has been made since I have been on EZorb. Overall, I am a believer in the help that EZorb gives.

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