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Vitamins & Minerals are super critical for the proper functioning of the body.

Browse our wide selection of vitamin and mineral formulas with high absorption rates that deliver results. Find calcium supplements, magnesium capsules, iodine, kelp, vitamin K-1 and K-2 as Mk-4 & MK-7, Vitamin D, America's top selling colloidal silver hydrosol Sovereign Silver, and a multi mineral blend with calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc,copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and more.

A lack of vitamins and minerals may in part account for our increasing susceptibility to diseases. There are literally hundreds of small ways they effectively boost health. For instance, minerals can aid in body metabolism, reduce free radical formation, increase glucose uptake by the cells, boost brain function, improve hair and skin, improve bone health, oxygenate various organ systems, improve muscle and joint health, manage stress, improve immune function and on and on. Whatever your specific needs, you are sure to find a natural remedy at Advanced Alternatives Center.
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