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Natural Supplements for Thyroid Health

Browse our selection of Natural Thyroid Support Formulas to nourish and strengthen the thyroid, and support the body's ability to regulate and improve thyroid function.

One customer favorite is Thyroid Blend that provides 900 mcg of iodine from kelp, a well known excellent source of many trace minerals, supports T4 and boosts T3 thyroid hormones. For an alternative with extra boost, Adrenal Cortex Extract is a supplement which helps reduce stress while also boosting energy. Also, ensuring you have adequate amounts of minerals , even trace ones, are critical for the proper functioning of the body. Different minerals have different health benefits, so no mineral can be termed as more beneficial or less beneficial than another. Minerals effectively boost health in hundreds of ways. If you need minerals, try the Mineral Power Mega Minerals Formula for Maximum Health.

Strengthen and balance your thyroid today with one of these great, natural supplements!
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