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If you are like me you love your furry little babies and want to ensure they live a long healthy life. That's why it is just as important to make sure your pets get the nutrition they need. I currently have four supplements in this section, all of them I give to my animals with great success. I believe it is important to make sure our pets are receiving supplements that can keep their immune system healthy and balanced. That's why all of my animals get Kalawalla to help support a healthy immune system. It is one of my top three selling products. I have been giving this supplement to my cats and dog for about five years.

Giving my pets nutritional supplements began when I discovered my dog had an autoimmune disorder in one eye as well as cataracts in the other eye. The Kalawalla has done a fantastic job with the auto immune disorder of her one eye but I still needed something for her cataracts. So for this specific pet she gets Kalawalla daily as well as the Life Extension Brite Eyes Eye Drops.

This topical N-acetyl-L-carnosine supplement for the eyes that provide antioxidant protective effects for humans and pets. Research supports the ability of topical NAC supplements to support eye structure and function as well as provide powerful anti-oxidant support for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye ailments.

Three years ago I had to rush my cat to the vet. I suspected it was a respiratory issue. The vet did confirm it was asthma. I prefer to find alternative remedies for everyone in my household including my pets. Since he was suffering and clearly in danger we did agree a steroid shot was the best solution. Within minutes he was doing better. I had hopes that it was a one time incident but three months later it happened again, and three months later it happened again. I decided it was time to add something else to the daily Kalawalla to hopefully prevent future asthma attacks. Something that was excellent for respiratory health. Since Marvlix is a powerful mushroom that is excellent for the respiratory system as well as all major organs I decided to start my cats on this supplement. I am happy to say that to this day, three years later he has not had another asthma attack.

I also have a cat that suffers from a defect in her spine making it hard for her to get around at times. Since EZorb Calcium is excellent for all types of bone, joint and muscle disorders all of my cats get EZorb Calcium daily.

I truly believe in the power of supplementation not only for my family but my animals as well. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. 1-800-330-3932

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