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Restoring Elixirs
Looking to promote healthy hair regrowth? Morrocco Method Elixirs are for you! Perfect for all hair types, these amazing Elixirs work to normalize sebaceous glands, promote scalp reconstruction and healthy hair regrowth. These elixirs, made with the finest oils in the world, organic ingredients, herbal and plant extracts, minerals, vitamins and proteins help in lifting away toxins and impurities to aid in the reconstruction of the scalp.
Great for anyone with scalp disorders or problems such as: candida, psoriasis, dandruff, itchiness, pumps/pimples, dryness or excessive oiliness. These oils will help to naturally balance your scalp and promote healthy hair regrowth.
The restoring elixirs are Step 4 in Mr. Morrocco’s 4 Step Program to healthy hair
Not on the Method? Elixirs are in your future but not until you’ve followed the first 3 steps! Ridding your routine of chemicals and using proper shampooing, conditioning, brushing and styling techniques come before this advanced series of elixirs. Follow these four steps to transform your hair beyond your expectations.
Don't know where to start? Here’s a break down
Morrocco Method Elixirs are the answer for anyone seeking deep, cleansing renewal and revitalization of their scalp and hair follicles. Our 9 Elixirs are separated into three series that complement each other perfectly. They can be used in a combined regimen or in a single application for specific needs.
  • Beginner Series - Silver and Golden Elixirs (1 Silver Grapeseed, 1 Golden Diamond )
  • Intermediate Series - God/ Goddess Elixirs (1 Poseiden Sea, 1 Apollo Air, 1 Pele Lava, 1 God-dess Earth)
  • Advanced Series - Tri Color Elixirs (Amber, Emerald, Ruby) - Coming Soon
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Rubber Scalp Massager 4 1/2" Morrocco Method Apollo Air Elixir 1 fl oz. Morrocco Method Poseidon Sea Elixir 1 fl oz.
List Price: $15.00
List Price: $60.00
List Price: $60.00
Morrocco Method Extra Large Scalp Massager Morrocco Method Apollo Air Elixir Morrocco Method Poseidon Sea Elixir
4-1/2” in diameter, our Extra-Large Scalp Massager stimulates blood and air flow to the scalp to provide you with the ultimate invigorating scalp therapy! Apollo Air Elixir is used for the reconstruction of the hair and scalp. This Elixir is a breath of fresh air, soothing your hair and scalp into a well-conditioned state to enhance your hair health. It is enhanced with a blend of essential, wild crafted oils to provide a nourishing, therapeutic treatment for the hair and scalp. Poseidon Sea Elixir is enhanced with essential nourishing oils that dynamically work to rejuvenate your hair and scalp. Excellent for all hair types, this elixir assists in renewing the scalp, and repairing damage overall to enhance the health of your hair. So pamper your tired, damaged hair and scalp with this rejuvenating formula that feels like a refreshing dip in the ocean!
Morrocco Method Pele Lava Elixir 1 fl oz. Morrocco Method God-dess Earth Elixir 1 fl oz. Morrocco Method God/Goddess Intermediate Series Elixir Set (4) 1 fl oz.each
List Price: $60.00
List Price: $60.00
List Price: $240.00
Morrocco Method Pele Fire Elixir Morrocco Method God-dess Earth Elixir Morrocco Method God/Goddess Intermediate Series Elixir Set (4)
The Pele Lava Elixir works as a scalp revitalizer, leaving your hair looking vibrant with a natural healthy glow. This blend of botanicals, herbs, and spices penetrates deeply to dynamically wake up your hair and scalp. Excellent for all hair types, this soothing elixir nourishes the hair for optimal healing of the hair and scalp. Goddess Earth Elixir works as a deep conditioning treatment for restoration of the hair and scalp. It is formulated from a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals that dynamically work to balance and nourish your scalp. Excellent for all hair types, this elixir works to restore the natural balance of your hair and scalp for overall improvement of your hairs health. These potent elixirs made with the finest organic oils in the world, reconstruct, restore, revitalize, repair, renew and are nourishing and therapeutic for your hair and scalp. For all hair types. A healthy scalp grows the ultimate in luxurious hair!


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