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Morrocco Method Poseidon Sea Elixir 1 fl oz.
Morrocco Method Poseidon Sea Elixir

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Morrocco Method Natural Elixirs for Hair and Scalp Re-Growth
and Restoration Treatments Promote Revitalization,
Renewal and Reconstruction

Poseidon Sea Elixir is enhanced with essential nourishing oils that dynamically work to rejuvenate your hair and scalp. Excellent for all hair types, this elixir assists in renewing the scalp, and repairing damage overall to enhance the health of your hair. So pamper your tired, damaged hair and scalp with this rejuvenating formula that feels like a refreshing dip in the ocean!


  • Wild Crafted Oils from Roots, Flowers, Leaves, Seeds, Bark, Fruits, Tubers, Stems, Rinds, and Berries
  • Rare Herbs and Spices

Best Uses

Use the Poseidon Sea Elixir to rejuvenate your hair and scalp for optimal renewal and repair. The Poseidon Sea Elixir is the second elixir to be used in the God & Goddess Elixir series. It will have a more penetrating effect on your scalp than the Apollo Air Elixir, preparing your hair and scalp for the next elixir in the series.

For optimal results, alternate all 4 elixirs for four consecutive weeks in the correct sequence, using one each week. After completing the cycle, let your scalp and hair rest one week, and then reapply. Simply repeat this rotation until the elixirs are used up. If you are integrating all nine elixirs, let your scalp rest a full month before continuing to our TriColor Elixir Series.

For optimum results apply the elixirs twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. You may also apply extra elixir at anytime during the day as needed. For those with a dry scalp, use the Golden Diamond Elixir for two weeks, then rest one week and repeat until the hair and scalp have normalized. For those with a normal scalp, use the Silver Elixir for two weeks, then rest one week, and then use the Golden Diamond Crystal Elixir for the following two weeks. If you have an excessively oily scalp we recommend using the Silver Grapeseed Elixir. Once you have completed the entire cycle, you may either continue or wait a full month before opting to use our God & Goddess Elixirs for reconstruction of your scalp and growth patterns.

Morrocco Method® Elixirs work to promote scalp reconstruction and new hair growth. We present 9 formulas, all made from the finest raw, vegan wild-crafted ingredients, herbal and plant extracts, minerals, vitamins and proteins from all over the world.

Each ingredient is harvested according to Fair Trade Practices and in concordance with the moon’s lunar cycle for maximum potency. Morrocco Method Elixirs are food for the hair follicles and scalp, expertly compounded to revitalize and reconstruct your hair.

  • helps to reverse hair loss and thinning
  • helps growth of luxuriant hair within 90 days

“The most important lesson I have experienced using Morrocco Method is that hair wants to be fed with the same care as the food we put into our bodies. I knew this intuitively and have found it anchored deeper in my consciousness after alternating MM products daily…. meaning we would never purposefully ingest the chemicals people put in their hair, so called “safe” hair products that are toxic to the body, reaching the inner system just as if we had eaten them.”
–Erik, Seattle, WA

Morrocco Elixirs are excellent for those who are chemically sensitive, safe even for babies and small children! They are also color-safe, whether your hair has been chemically dyed or colored with henna. When used properly, Morrocco Method Elixirs will benefit people suffering from:

  • any type of alopecia, hair loss or thinning
  • health issues such as candida or psoriasis
  • scalp disorders such as dandruff, itchiness, skin eruptions or excessive dryness/ oiliness

They are the answer for anyone seeking deep, cleansing renewal and revitalization of their scalp and hair follicles. Our 9 Elixirs are separated into three series that complement each other perfectly. They can be used in a combined regimen or in single application for specific needs.

Morrocco Method Elixirs normalize sebaceous glands, lifting away toxins and impurities to facilitate scalp reconstruction–all of which bring new, healthy hair growth!

Using Elixirs with Other Morrocco Method Products

We recommend using our Elixir series in conjunction with all other Morrocco Method International hair care products — except Euro Natural Oil. We strongly advise doing a Morrocco Method Zen Detox treatment both before starting your Elixirs and during resting periods in between for deepest detoxification and conditioning.

Which Elixir Should I Choose?

Select which Elixir[s] to use based on personal preference and how serious your scalp problems are. Severe problems such as hair loss or thinning, extreme scalp irritation and alopecia are best remedied by using all three Elixir Series.

  • Gold and Silver Elixirs normalize an excessively oily or dry scalp.
  • God & Goddess Elixirs reconstruct scalp to repair dry, damaged, brittle hair and split ends.
  • TriColor Elixirs balance and condition scalp and hair follicles.

If you opt to integrate the total Elixir Series into an outstanding hair care regimen, we recommend:

  • 2 Gold and Silver Elixirs first — with 2-weeks on/1 week off for each.
  • 4 God & Goddess Elixirs next — using one each week for a month.
  • 3 TriColor Elixirs to finish — applying one Elixir per week.

Wait a full month between each Elixir Series.

You may never have invested as much time or money in hair care. Or perhaps you’ve spent extravagantly to no avail on dermatologist or other “specialist” consultations…. subjecting your hair and scalp to chemical treatments, hair transplants and/or harsh chemical products that did more harm than good.

For re-growing hair, revitalizing scalp and reclaiming your crowning glory, Morrocco Method Int’l products are unsurpassed. All are formulated using natural ingredients so that you can experience miraculous results with assurance of complete safety. They will change more than just your hair because Morrocco Method is a complete education system, a holistic program that positively influences your entire life. Our products are also easily affordable compared to any other options. Please read all the educational literature available here on our website, as well as testimonials and reviews from people who have had amazing results that they want to share.

Morrocco Method Elixir Series

Silver and Gold Elixirs 1/2 OZ (ML)

We recommend beginning your regimen with these Elixirs for powerful reconstruction of your scalp to promote new growth. Each 1/2 ounce (15 ml) bottle lasts about two weeks, the optimum time for effectiveness.

Always shake your Elixir vigorously before applying. Use twice daily.

AM: Shower (shampooing if necessary and towel-drying your hair). Massage one pump of Elixir into your hairline and scalp. Brush your hair with proper technique to spread Elixir throughout your hair and scalp. You may also apply extra Elixir anytime during the day.

PM: Use two pumps to massage into hairline and scalp. Leave in all night to nourish and gently restore your scalp as you sleep.

Apply Silver Essence Grapeseed Elixir daily for two weeks. After that, rest your scalp one week. Then use Golden Diamond Crystal Lifeforce Elixir for the following two weeks.


  • The above cycle is advised for a normal scalp. If somewhat dry, start with Gold Elixir instead.
  • For an excessively dry scalp, use Gold Elixir for two weeks, rest one week, and repeat the cycle with Gold Elixir until your scalp and hair have normalized.
  • For an excessively oily scalp, use Silver Elixir for two weeks, rest one week and repeat the cycle with Silver Elixir until hair and scalp have normalized.

Once you have completed the entire cycle, you may either continue alternating Morrocco Method Silver and Gold Elixirs or wait a full month before using our God & Goddess Elixirs for reconstruction of your scalp and growth patterns.

For optimum results, we recommend finishing your regimen with TriColor Elixirs.

Note: Use the Morrocco Method Golden Diamond Crystal Lifeforce Elixir very sparingly during the daytime since it’s much oilier than the Silver Essence Grapeseed Elixir.

God & Godess Elixirs 1 OZ (30ML)

A healthy scalp is absolutely vital for growing abundant, luxurious hair. These 4 Morrocco Method Elixirs channel power and energy of potent Gods and Goddesses to repair, reconstruct and revitalize your scalp for healthy new hair growth.

Always shake each Elixir vigorously before applying.

Apollo Air Elixir—for reconstruction of hair and scalp

This is the lightest Elixir of the series. We recommend starting with Apollo Air to prepare your scalp and hair follicles for receiving all healing powers of the series.

Poseidon Sea Elixir—for rejuvenation of hair and scalp

This second Elixir will have a more penetrating effect on your scalp.

God-dess Earth Elixir—for restoration of hair and scalp

Earth Elixir goes even deeper to thoroughly cleanse and awaken your scalp and hair follicles.

Pele Lava Fire Elixir— for revitalization of hair and scalp

This final component brings maximum healing, restorative strength to your scalp to complete the process.

For optimum results we recommend:

AM: Shower, shampoo and towel-dry hair. Rub a few drops between your palms to massage along your hairline and into scalp. Brush to ensure Elixir is spread throughout scalp and hair. Use sparingly and leave in all day.

PM: Apply Elixir more liberally to your hairline and scalp. Massage or brush to again spread Elixir throughout scalp. Leave in all night to gently renew your scalp while sleeping.

For best results, alternate all 4 Elixirs for four consecutive weeks. Start with Air Elixir and follow with Sea, Earth and Fire for one week each. Then let your scalp and hair rest one week. Continue with this rotation until Elixirs are used up. If you are integrating all 9 Elixirs into your hair care regimen, let your scalp rest a full month before continuing with our TriColor Ayurvedic Elixir Series.

Tricolor Ayrvedic Elixirs 2 OZ (60 ML)

Morrocco Method’s Tricolor Elixir Series is based on the principal life forces, or “doshas”, of ayurvedic medicine: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A threefold treatment system for your hair and scalp, the Elixirs work in stages of increasing intensity to restore, reconstruct and revitalize your scalp, stimulating hair follicles that encourage healthy hair growth.

Always shake each Elixir vigorously before applying.

Amber (Yellow) Vata Elixir (mild, for gentle restoration and vitalization)

Amber Elixir is to be used in the first week of treatment. It is very effective if you are experiencing thinning or hair loss. Amber Vata begins hair treatment very gently by nourishing the scalp and addressing dandruff. You will notice restored shine and luster to your hair.

Emerald (Green) Kapha Elixir (cools, for intensified reconstruction)

Emerald Elixir is used during the second week. It aids thinning and hair loss, as well as stimulating follicles, roots and sebaceous glands to promote healthy growth. This Elixir also promotes healthy scalp reconstruction.

Ruby (Red) Pitta (heat, for strongest reconstruction & vitalization effect)

Ruby Elixir is used during the third, final week of treatment. It’s a powerfully stimulating root toner that protects your new growth patterns and awakened sebaceous glands. Morrocco Method Pitta Elixir prevents the unhealthy bacterial growth that impedes hair and scalp health while stimulating and protecting your scalp against hair loss.

For optimum results, we recommend:

AM: After showering, massage a few drops of Tricolor Elixir gently into the ends of your hair. Then apply a few more drops into the top layers. Brush well and leave on all day. ‘A little goes a long way’…. so use sparingly.

PM: Massage Elixir into your hairline and crown. Brush through hair and leave in all night.

Use one Ayurvedic Tricolor Elixir each week for 3 weeks. Let your scalp rest 1 week in between, and then begin another three-week cycle. Continue until Elixirs are used up. If you are integrating all 9 Elixirs into your hair care regimen, wait a full lunar cycle (one month) to continue with the Gold & Silver Elixirs.

We suggest using Morrocco Method Int’l Elixirs in conjunction with all other Morrocco Method products as part of a healthy-hair lifestyle. For coloring your hair it is imperative that you use only pure, plant-based Morrocco Method Henna. Avoid dangerous chemicals and preservatives found in other hair dye products.

For maximum benefits and rejuvenation, follow our holistic “Spokes in the Wheel” cycle:

  • Seasonal haircutting according to the lunar phases.
  • Daily brushing and scalp massage.• Stimulating exercise such as walking, yoga or tai-chi; also meditation and/or conscious breathing exercises.
  • A healthy diet of fresh, live, seasonal foods (as opposed to processed or pre-cooked).
  • A positive attitude.

Multi-Purpose Uses

The Elixirs make an excellent facial and body moisturizer. To give your fingernails extra sheen, rub a small amount of Elixir over the nail and into cuticles.

Elixir Testimonials

“Using Morrocco holistic hair products, I now enjoy a carefree, luxurious head of hair that takes only minutes a day and best of all, my husband loves it!”
Norma, Los Angeles, CA

“I tried every lotion and potion to try to get my hair to grow back, including rogaine, to no avail. In my opinion Morrocco Method is nothing short of miraculous…. Anthony’s unique hair rejuvenation program got results which are almost impossible to believe.”
Garret, Detroit, Michigan

“I’ve been using MM for almost two years…. and after having a short bob because I thought I could never grow my hair, I now enjoy long, beautiful, nourished, alive hair!”
Ann, Memphis, TN

“As a specialist in chemical sensitivities for over 25 years, I cannot say enough in complimenting Morrocco Method products. Not only completely non-toxic and non-allergenic, they are additionally good for your whole body.”
Dr. Edward W., Philadelphia, PA

“Anthony Morrocco’s safe, affordable and simple system, combining ancient hair care secrets with nature’s best minerals and botanicals, is without doubt the most powerful method of hair/scalp rejuvenation known today. His Elixirs in particular are astonishing!"
Donald, Clearwater, FLA
Morrocco Method - Elixirs
Morrocco Method - Elixir Testimonials

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