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Essential Therapeutics Leaky Gut Formula with L-Glutamine (180 VCaps)
Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms And Information

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Leaky Gut Formula contains high amounts of the essential amino acid L-glutamine, one of the most abundant free amino acids needed by the body to continue repairing and creating healthier cells and is the major fuel source of energy for cells that line the intestines. L-glutamine can help to improve gastrointestinal health because it contains vital nutrients for the intestines to rebuild and repair. L-Glutamine is essential for gut health.

Health Benefits of L-Glutamine

  • Helps to reduce intestinal inflammation
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Promotes brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance, and more
  • Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification
  • Helps to curbs cravings for sugar and alcohol
  • Is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain and helps with memory, focus and concentration
  • Helps to improve immunity
  • Helps to regulate IgA immune response, the antibody that attacks viruses and bad bacteria
  • Can help you recover from food sensitivities
  • Helps to balance gut flora
The leaky gut is a poorly recognized but extremely common problem and rarely tested for. Essentially, it represents a hyperpermeable intestinal lining. In other words, large spaces develop between the cells of the gut wall allowing bacteria, toxins and food to leak in. If the gut is not healthy, neither is the rest of the body. It is the point of fuel and nutrient entry. If healing is at a stand still look at the gut to see if this is the block. Chemical sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and escalating food allergies are among the many problems caused by the leaky gut.

Leaky gut occurs when the gut lining becomes inflamed or damaged, this disrupts the functioning of the system. The spaces open up and allow large food antigens, for example, to be absorbed into the body. Normally the body sees only tiny food antigens. When it sees theses new, larger ones, they are foreign to the body's defense system. So the attack results in the production of antibodies against once harmless, innocuous foods.

If the gut is not healthy, neither is the rest of the body. It is the point of fuel and nutrient entry. If healing is at a stand still look at the gut to see if this is the block. Chemical sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and escalating food allergies are among the many problems caused by the leaky gut. If gas, bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, alternating constipation and diarrhea are symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome may not be all that's going on.

The 7 stages of the 'inflamed’ gut

  • When the gut is inflamed, it does not absorb nutrients and foods properly and so fatigue and bloating can occur.
  • When large food particles are absorbed there is the creation of food allergies and new symptoms such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.
  • When the gut is inflamed the carrier proteins are damaged so nutrient deficiencies occur which can also cause many symptoms, like magnesium deficiency induced muscle spasm or copper deficiency induced high cholesterol.
  • When the detox pathways that line the gut are compromised, chemical sensitivity can arise. Furthermore the leakage of toxins overburdens the liver so that the body is less able to handle everyday chemicals.
  • When the gut lining is inflamed the protective coating of lgA (immunoglobulin A) is adversely affected and the body is not able to ward off protozoa, bacteria, viruses and yeast’s like candida.
  • When the intestinal lining is inflamed, bacteria and yeast’s are able to pass from the gut cavity into the bloodstream and set up infection anywhere else in the body.
The worst symptom is the formation of antibodies. Sometimes these leak across and look similar to antigens on our own tissues. Consequently, when an antibody is made to attack it, it also attacks our tissue. This is probably how autoimmune disease start. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis and many others are members of this ever-growing category of ‘incurable’ diseases.

Leaky Gut Ingredients and Functions:

Large amounts of the amino acid glutamine, the primary fuel for intestinal cell function, are included in our formula to meet the high energy demands of the GI tract, liver, and immune system during periods of physiological stress. Glutamine also transports potentially toxic ammonia concentrations to the kidneys for excretion.

Gum Talha (Acacia seyal) is an easy to digest soluble, non-bulking fiber that acts as a prebiotic, slows down the fermentation of foods and increases intestinal absorption. It encourages healthy digestion and supports the vitality of beneficial microorganisms that help maintain a healthy GI environment.

Inulin is a dietary fiber known as a prebiotic that is able to survive stomach acid and pass into the intestines where it mixes with water and then becomes food for the life supporting probiotic bacteria in the large intestine. When you keep the friendly bacteria fed, it keeps out unwanted bacteria like candida fungus and other harmful organisms.

N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine is a naturally occurring polysaccharide made up of glucosamine and acetic acid and used as a structural component of intestinal mucous secretions that protect intestinal tissues and help food pass through the GI tract. N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine is a crucial component of the glycoproteins in the protective mucosal layer of the intestinal tract, making it a valuable nutrient for maintaining comfortable gastrointestinal function. NAG is used by the cells lining your digestive tract to produce a protective “slippery” barrier of mucous that helps protect your digestive lining from potentially hostile contents.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsule, (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water), L-leucine, silicon dioxide

Suggested Use: 6 capsules daily. May be taken with food or between meals. The Leaky Gut vegetarian capsules can be taken regularly or periodically whenever nutritive support of GI function and associated immune modulation is warranted.

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