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Lupus and Your Immune System
Can you imagine what is going on inside your body when you suppress your immune system as some medical experts suggest is the only solution to autoimmune disorders? When you suppress your immune system with prescription drugs you are merely masking the problem, leaving the cause untreated.

So what's the answer?
Balance Your Immune System, Yes, It's That Simple!

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect several parts of the body, including the skin (with its characteristic butterfly shaped allergic lesions), joints, blood, kidneys and possibly other organs. Lupus is an auto immune disorder where the body´s immune system has lost its ability to distinguish between natural antigens (the body´s enemies such as bacteria, viruses and foreign materials) and its own cell tissues. So it is your own immune system that is actually causing the pain, inflammation and injury to your tissues.
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Kalawalla Provides Immune Balancing
Within 2-3 Months!

There are several types of Lupus including discoid (cutaneous) lupus, where the immune system is mostly affecting your skin and systemic lupus, where one or more organs may be affected. A combination of both lupus types may be possible and it may be characterized by periods of remission and activity (or flare ups). This is very common in most auto immune disorders.

Kalawalla is a potent immune balancer that can provide the help you need if you have an immune deficiency. Kalawalla works by restoring the correct balance of T cells that are in constant attack of your tissues. Once this balance is restored to normal, your body can resume its normal function on its own.

Kalawalla with polypodium leucotomos for immune balancing effects
Polypodium leucotomos has many Clinical Studies that prove that it regulates the TH1/TH2 ratios to their normal values. Most researchers will agree that this regulation alone is key to offer protection against immune deficiencies. 
Europeans have used Polypodium leucotomos extract for over 10 years with surprising results. Polypodium is used in Australia and New Zealand as a novel way of fighting all types of immune deficiencies.
This product is a food supplement not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is rather a food supplement, which has proven successful in creating balance and harmony within the immune system. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
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Kalawalla for Immune Balancing Effects
Kalawalla with polypodium leucotomos Immune Support Supplement (120 VCaps)
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Kalawalla can help create balance and harmony within your immune system bringing it to its healthiest, strongest levels. Once your immune system has reached proper balance, symptoms reverse themselves.

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If you suffer from a weakened immune system, get frequent colds or flu, Kalawalla can help create balance and harmony.

What is an Auto Immune Disorder?

Auto immune disorders are those diseases or ailments caused by your own immune system. Your immune system has subset of cells called T cells, that indicate the rest of your immune system, how foreign invaders should be dealt with. 

In auto immune disorders, your immune system is out of order and is attacking your own tissues, creating a powerful disease or ailment that your body just can't seem to get rid of. By definition, your body is attacking itself, hence auto immune disorders are very hard to treat. 

Many auto immune disorders are caused by an imbalance in the ratio and activity of T-helper lymphocytes (Th1 and Th2). These two subsets of cells are in a constant state of balance (like a see-saw): when one is increased, the other is decreased and vice versa. The more common manifestation is a Th2 excess, potentially resulting in an increased incidence of allergies, asthma and a susceptibility to infections (through the corresponding decreased Th1 activity and loss of protection). 

The alternative, an excess of Th1 activity ("too much" immune protection), may result in tissue-specific inflammatory damage - such is the case of psoriasis, dermatitis, arthritis, lupus and vitiligo. Other diseases such as MS, although usually showing a Th1 prominence imbalance, may alternate from one imbalance to another.
The most common treatments for auto immune disorders are symptom specific treatments. For example, it is very common that your doctor prescribe pain relievers for arthritis pain, anti itching creams for psoriasis, make up for vitiligo, anti spasmodics for tremor control in MS, or anti inflammatory medications for lupus patients. Doctors can go on for as long as they can prescribing symptomatic drugs for auto immune disorders without treating the real problem.

A more direct approach to the problem, is using potent immune suppressive and anti inflammatory drugs for the more severe cases of auto immune disorders. For example, if you have severe psoriasis, you may be prescribed methotrexate, if you have lupus, you may be prescribed a steroidal product, or if you suffer from MS, you can be prescribed a potent immune suppressive drug such as interferons. 

The problem is that while some of these medications can keep the immune system at bay, by suppressing its activity, the side effects that result from this can be as devastating as the disease itself. Very few patients can withstand more than three consecutive treatments with methotrexate due to the damage to the liver that this drug may cause. Lupus patients usually suffer from steroid induced cushing syndrome which disfigures the body, and MS patients can go on for life using immune suppressive drugs only to watch their symptoms reappear on the long run, while suffering from illnesses related to a diminished immune system.
Try Kalawalla Today To Effectively Create Balance and Harmony
Within Your Immune System


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