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Century System's The Cleaner Total Body Cleanse & Detoxification For Men & Women PLUS...Miracle Lotion For Healthy Glowing Skin.

The Cleaner is a powerful cleansing and detoxification supplement that helps to flush and cleanse harmful organisms, bacteria and Century System's The Cleaner Total Body Cleanse & Detoxification For Men & Womeninflammation invading your body, it helps to cleanse the colon, stomach, lungs, kidneys, skin, parasites, intestinal tract, candida yeasts, urinary tract and the blood.

This simple, one bottle solution with easy to swallow veggie capsules contains over 25 herbs plus minerals and is gentle enough to allow you to travel, work and continue your normal routine.

If you are troubled by constipation, excessive gas, bloated stomach, recurring headaches, carrying unwanted pounds or often fatigued and low in energy, chances are your body isn't eliminating wastes properly.

These formulas contains herbs to cleanse your entire system, strengthen the immune system, improve absorption of nutrition, helps to improve functions of organs and establishes a hostile environment for invading organisms, candida yeast, debris and bacteria.

Choose from men's or women's 7 & 14 day formulas.

Don't forget to check out our newest product Miracle Lotion. In my opinion, Miracle Lotion truly is the most luxurious lotion I have ever used, even comparing to very expensive brand name lotions.
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