One of my most often asked questions
Kalawalla, Psor Val or Emuaid?

Kalawalla, Psor Val or Emuaid?

One of the most asked questions ...Which product is best?

Here is one of the top questions I am asked frequently. I have psoriasis, which product would be best for me? Kalawalla, Psor-Val or Emuaid? I will explain the differences of these three products and how each one works, and why you might choose one over the other.

Psor-Val Fast Acting Skin Disorder Relief Spray is a fantastic topical remedy that can diminish skin symptoms within days to several weeks, some customers have even reported improvements within hours. For anyone that has suffered from miserable symptoms of itching, scaling, dry or cracked skin for decades, this is a welcome relief that just cannot be experienced with any other product I have ever personally come across. Psor-Val spray is no doubt a fantastic skin remedy that works rapidly. All it takes is a quick spray once or twice daily and your skin symptoms will begin diminishing like magic. So if you want a quick fix to rid yourself of the symptoms as fast as possible, Psor-Val spray is a fantastic solution. wonderful as Psor Val is, it does not address the underlying cause of your skin problem, a weakened, imbalanced immune system.

Psor-Val Skin Disorder Relief Spray has been one of my top selling products since I discovered it about six years ago. My customers absolutely love this fast acting and highly effective remedy for all types of skin symptoms due to psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Now, on the other hand, Kalawalla, another top selling product for over twelve years goes to work on the underlying cause, an imbalanced immune system. Kalawalla contains a single herb named polypodium leucotomos, a fern plant that grows wild in the rain forest in Honduras. Kalawalla is truly a one of a kind product, there is no competitor that even comes close to the potency Kalawalla provides. There are numerous other polypodium leucotomos herbal supplements on the market, however, none of them can even be compared to our formula due to the extremely high 50:1 standardized extract ratio of Kalawalla. This high extract ratio makes Kalawalla the most potent form of this herb on the market today.

Here is why we know from personal experience why Kalawalla is far superior to other polypodium leucotomos supplements.

Years ago I carried a competitors polypodium leucotomos product, trust me when I say my customers did not get the same fantastic results as they do with Kalawalla. How do I know this? Well...About ten years ago we were having fulfillment issues with Kalawalla. Due to the incredible health benefits of this product it flies off the shelves and because of that the manufacturer could not keep up with demand. There were times we would go without Kalawalla for six or eight weeks. That was a very stressful time for us and our customers. During this time I decided to take on a competitors product for my customers to use in the interim.

Because of the incredible health improvements my customers experienced with Kalawalla they did not want to interrupt their doses and opted to take this other polypodium leucotomos product in place of Kalawalla. The problem, the other polypodium leucotomos product extract ratio was only 20:1. It was not nearly as strong which means it was not even close to being as effective as Kalawalla according to my customers experience. When Kalawalla was back in stock, every single one of those customers would switch back to Kalawalla and buy in larger quantities to avoid running out. These shortages continued for over a year and a half until the manufacturer was able to increase their farm capacity and grow larger quantities. Not only does Kalawalla have the highest extract ratio of any polypodium leucotomos product on the market, it does not contain any other unnecessary ingredients such as fillers, additives or chemicals.

The ancient Mayans used Polypodium leucotomos (Kalawalla) as part of their daily diet in the form of tea as a blood purifier. They attributed healing properties to the drink and up until today the drink is still popular in Honduran tradition.

It can take six weeks to three months to begin seeing improvements after you begin taking Kalawalla, in some instances it can take a little longer. Each customer is very unique in how quickly they respond.

Taking Kalawalla daily is a fantastic way to resolve your immunity problems from the inside out. If you want to get to the root cause of skin disorders, Kalawalla should be on your list of must have products.

One of my favorite products of all times is the Emuaid Homeopathic Skin Ointment and Moisture Bar that works for over 120 skin disorders. This product is amazing and I use it daily for a variety of skin challenges. Emuaid contains very powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal ingredients. This means when you apply this luxurious ointment you are feeding and nourishing your skin with high quality powerful ingredients that fight the bacteria that lives in your skin. Customers will generally notice some improvements in 24-48 hours. The longer you use this skin ointment and or moisture bar, the healthier your skin will become. I absolutely love this product, I think you will too!

So, the question, Psor Val, Kalawalla Or Emuaid? It depends on your goals.

Do you need a fast remedy that will diminish symptoms quickly? Who wouldn't want that right? As I mentioned before, Psor Val works rapidly on symptoms, but it does nothing for the underlying cause, an imbalanced immune system. So if you need a quick fix to address the symptoms of itching, scaling and irritated skin, try Psor Val. You will love it and your skin will be feeling happier, healthier and looking fantastic!

If, on the other hand you are a person that wishes to address the root cause of a problem, you will want to consider Kalawalla. We know for sure that psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema is in part due to an imbalanced immune system, Kalawalla is the perfect supplement to create the balance and harmony your immune system needs.

Now, Emuaid Homeopathc Skin Ointment is fantastic for over 120 skin disorders, but...if you have a large area of skin to cover, this might not be the best solution for you. Emuaid works great for anyone that has small areas to cover, or...for those that are currently taking the Kalawalla or using Psor Val but can't seem to get to 100% clear skin. Emuaid Ointment or Emuaid Moisture Bar can help you with those stubborn spots that just won't go away.

Many customers with more aggressive skin challenges report the addition of one or more of these products allowed their skin to finally heal completely.

These products offer customers the best of what is available on the market to begin healing their skin from the inside out. If you are still unsure which product you should consider, call me. I am sure we can find the best skin remedy for you.

Warmest Regards,
Tanya M Beck