What exactly is a bone spur and most importantly, what can I do about it?
End Bone Spur Pain

What exactly is a bone spur and most importantly, what can I do about it?

Bone spurs are a very painful condition that I have never had to experience. However, it is a very real and extremely painful condition for thousands of people.

Although there are numerous causes of bone spurs, the primary cause is weak bone and joint metabolism. The word metabolism refers to all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms that transport substances into and between different cells within the body.

A bone spur forms as the body tries to repair itself by building extra bone that is caused by inflammation in the area.

The cartilage that covers the ends of the bones within joints breaks down and eventually wears away. Over time, this leads to pain and swelling and, in some cases, bone spurs forming along the edges of the joint. Bone spurs can appear in various places in the body such as heels, shoulders, spine, hands, hips, elbow, neck, knees, fingers and feet.

When we hear the word bone spur we envision something very sharp, not surprising since that is exactly how customers describe the pain. A bone spur is actually extra bone in a place it is not meant to be. These spurs cause extreme irritation and inflammation to surrounding bones and soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and nerves in the body.

In addition to low bone and joint metabolism, recent studies show that calcium deficiency can also be the cause of bone spurs.

How can I get rid of bone spurs?

You can treat the symptoms by applying ice, stretching, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and making sure your shoes fit properly. Unfortunately for most people these remedies offer little relief that does not last long.

Bone spurs can be surgically removed when osteoarthritis has caused considerable damage and deformity. This solution requires downtime which means loss of work, not to mention the agonizing pain one has to endure.

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Unfortunately most people do not even realize that taking a low absorbing calcium supplement can actually increase your chances of getting bone spurs. The very problem you are trying to resolve.

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