Royal Velvet Deer Antler Liposomal Spray - The World's Most Life Changing Product
Royal Velvet is used by some of the world's most famous movie stars, athletes, doctors, scientists and best selling authors.

What our Customers Are Saying About Royal Velvet Deer Antler

Royal Velvet is used by some of the world's most famous movie stars, athletes, doctors, scientists and best selling authors. But the best news is people from all walks of life, with every problem imaginable, as well as every possible health concern, have experienced The Most Life-Changing Product In The World - Royal Velvet

Vincent Spano - Los Angeles, CA

The first difference I noticed from Royal Velvet was an increase in energy during the day and deeper, more restful sleep at night. I then became aware of better stamina during working out & playing sports and noticed a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass. Those differences alone were worth their weight in gold.

B. Van Stone - Denver, CO

I want to share with you some amazing results I have been experiencing with your is my testimonial :

I had been taking Royal Velvet for about 7 months for help with my poor sleep....this, it did indeed change dramatically for the better.

It also, I noticed without a doubt, increased my memory and reminded me of how sharp my mind was in the 20' 53 and having been through two pregnancies (which dramatically affected my memory) like a long lost friend, I was getting back one of my most valued tools in handling life -- my memory! (I say without hesitation, prior to Royal Velvet, I was preparing myself for an old age that did not look very pretty, if my memory continued to deteriorate as it had from my late 20's to present.) I did not notice, however, any weight loss or muscle mass gain from Royal Velvet, but was content, just the same, given my improvements mentioned above.

Then one day, it occurred to me, I was backlogging on my Royal Velvet -- in other words, I was receiving Royal Velvet from the company faster than I was consuming it. I remembered Blake had mentioned the dosage I was taking (3 sprays, 4 x a day) was a minimum. So, without any particular new goal in mind for RV, I doubled my dosage.

Wow!!!!!! The results were amazing!!!!! Within 10 days of doing so, I lost one pants size (while mid-menopause!!!) without changing a thing with my eating! Blouses that were snug could now be buttoned with ease. My body did not looked deprived, like dieting can looked to be returning to a more normal state and appearance.

I not only accomplished these changes without changing my eating habits, but actually, had been eating MORE! I was HUNGRY!! (Something else that was declining with appetite.)

I have also just continued (from the increased dosage) to feel sharper and sharper....I feel young and enthusiastic about life.

What a nice trick on Mother Nature to be doing something for my body that is REVERSING the hands of time for me.....I can't say enough about this product and hope my testimonial helps any Baby Boomers out there who are thinking about trying Royal Velvet.

In my opinion, it is the best investment in your physical health and well-being that I can think of -- for now, and for your forever youthful years in the future!!!

Anna Symons

Hello!! My name is Anna Symons from Calgary, Canada. I am 84 years young!!!

I live alone and sometimes doing household chores is very tiring for me.... I have trouble staying asleep as well so I have used sleeping pills regularly to get the rest I need.

Since using your Royal Velvet my energy is significantly higher. I no longer feel run down in the afternoons and am able to do all the chores I need to in the day. I have also decreased my use of sleeping pills, as I am able to sleep well through the night most nights. I have clear thinking and I feel much stronger and more energetic.

Thank you for your wonderful product.....I will never be without it!

Tina Spokane - Washington

I've heard about Royal Velvet thru Kevin Trudeau Radio... Anyway he said such great things about the product I thought I'd give it a try... I love it! It has made a big difference in my moods ...I get bad pms ...I feel much better think better. I think I even see better.. I have been giving it to my 15 year old son and he loves it too... as well as my boyfriend :) Oh and the little aches and pains are almost gone... I've only been on it for 3 weeks...

Laura Kunz - Sandy, UT

Before taking Royal Velvet I was a slug, it was so hard to move all the time I was so tired and weak. All of my endocrine system tested out of balance. Now I wake up in a timely manner and feel a burst of joy through out the day. I go for a short run every day and have 3 little kids that I get to keep up with. It's such a blessing to be the mom I always wanted to be by having enough energy for them. When we go to the park, I never sit down anymore. I play and help them get on monkey bars or swings or chase them etc. I love it so much we call it our magic juice.

Sandy Lewis - Framingham, MA

Briefly, I messed up both knees doing weird leg exercises in the park late this past summer, and it was so bad after about 2 weeks, I had trouble walking up the stairs, and had to hold on to the railing to go down. Imagine Walter Brennan from the old movies. That was me. I happened to hear Kevin Trudeau on his radio show talking about Royal Velvet, and he was interviewing the company spokesperson. I ordered it. I used it the first day, and when I woke up, my knee was tight, but there was no pain. By the second day, I had no pain. I was not only surprised, but stunned. I am a hard sell on health products. I have used Royal Velvet ever since. A friend who had some knee pain also tried it when I told her about my experience. Again, she also had a skeptical view. Within 2 days her knee felt better. I am sure there are other benefits. I have a lot more energy, and I actually sleep better. With my sleep, I have had terrible sleeping problems ever since I can remember. NOTHING helped. The fact I can now sleep 4 hours without waking up out of a sound sleep, for no reason, is amazing. Royal Velvet is a superb supplement that I will take from now on. This skeptic recommends the product highly!

Shawn and Charlene Okendu

It gives me energy, it clears my mind. I can function better. I can understand what I'm reading! My wife on the other hand is 24 yrs old and she always complains of headaches when she wakes up in the morning. She has stiffness and back pain and can sometimes be a little grumpy. Now she is in GREAT spirits and complains no more! It's only been three days and we noticed a change on the first night!

Jody Miller - Las Vegas, NV

Royal Velvet is truly a miracle in a bottle. This is the best kept secret on earth. I don't know how to adequately express how much this product has transformed my life. It is truly a miracle. For me it has been the "fountain of youth". I look younger and feel healthier, have more energy, feel stronger and faster, think quicker, and feel more in balance. I can't live without this product. It is necessary. I am a supplements junkie and have used many products over the years and this is the only product I will not ever give up. It has changed my life and I believe there is no other product that does more for your overall health picture.

Carol Foss - Minnesota

I wanted to let you know how much I love your product Royal Velvet. It is balancing my hormones and has greatly reduced the annoying hot flashes, how wonderful! I also give it to my 15 year old dog, as soon as he hears me squirting mine he comes and sits to wait for his shot - he has been taking it for over 6 months now and seems to be growing younger by the month.

Jody - Las Vegas, NV

Royal Velvet is truly a miracle in a bottle. This is the best kept secret on earth. I don't know how to adequately express how much this product has transformed my life. It is truly a miracle. For me it has been the "fountain of youth". I look younger and feel healthier, have more energy, feel stronger and faster, think quicker, and feel more in balance. I can't live without this product. It is necessary. I am a supplements junkie and have used many products over the years and this is the only product I will not ever give up. It has changed my life and I believe there is no other product that does more for your overall health picture.

Lance Schuttler - Iowa

I am very thankful for being lead to Royal Velvet due to the benefits I have received from its use. My brain is now functioning at an incredible level. I understand things about my body and life i was previously unaware of including my attitude and outlook. I wake up with good vibrations and this continues throughout my day. It is simple biology that if you give your body what it requires nutritionally, it will respond the way nature intended to it do so, which is optimal health and happiness. Because Royal Velvet has the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many growth factors, I view this as the "Holy Grail" of nutritional supplements. I also appreciate that the animals are treated with respect and am thankful for their gift. I workout as well and this helps to give me incredible stamina in the gym and the best recovery nutrition available. Thank you!!

Mike Mancina

I just wanted to say that I love your product and when I started using Royal Velvet within about 5-7 days I noticed significant gains in cardiovascular endurance and over all physical recovery after long, grueling, functional strength training workouts. So thank you for putting out a great, healthy, safe product that improves my performance in and out of the gym.

Susan - Texas

I had been using Royal Velvet for my dog chronically infected ears. For his entire life he has been fighting yeast and bacteria infections due to the hairy nature of his ears. I cant begin to tell you what a difference it has made. Thank you so much.

Judith F - Palm Beach, FL

When I first started taking Royal Velvet I noticed that I was a lot more focused at work and during my general activities and was less easily distracted or irritated. I also felt more grounded and calm, and now had the ability to see the whole picture and not be side tracked by minor hick ups. I also had a lot more stamina during my sporting activities and at the end of the day felt less tired, while others were exhausted. Friends and colleagues mentioned that I looked different¯. I absolutely love the product as it has most certainly had a positive impact on my life. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Judith F.

Karen Eck - Helena, MT

There are so many wonderful things I can say about Royal Velvet that I almost don't know where to begin. I have been taking it for 13 years. It has helped me with my weight, keeping my skin from aging, and made a huge difference when I went through menopause.

Anytime I forgot to take it the hot flashes would come back with a vengeance. Which reminds me that anytime I forgot to take it, my trigger finger would hurt and stiffen up, until I started taking the normal 3 sprays 4 times a day again, then the pain and stiffness would go away. Also, I really do think it has helped my memory and mood over these years. My husband thinks so anyway!

Our most beloved Annie (our Golden Retriever) lived a very long life and without any problems or illnesses, even though the breeder told us when she was a puppy that she would most likely get hip dysplasia. I can't thank you enough for making this wonderful product!

Oh, I can't forget to tell you about my mother. She was rapidly aging and having all sorts of problems, even lost her eyesight. I was scared I was going to lose her. It took me awhile to convince her to take Royal Velvet, but when she did, she saw incredible results! She is now 91 years old, living on her own, and doing very well. Thank you again!

Tek Angkham - Los Angeles, CA

Hi my name is Tek and I am survivor of Bacterial Meningitis, infection of the brain. This disease changed my life. I lost my hearing in one ear and affected my balance. I had constant dizziness, difficulty concentrating and focusing. I had difficulty functioning daily and I'm only 42, but felt like I was 70 at times. It seems to be getting worse.

I heard about Royal Velvet from Kevin Trudeau and this miracle product changed my life. After using Royal Velvet for the first week, I already felt like a normal functioning person. I don't get pressure in my head or dizziness like before and I can perform basic functions. I can focus and concentrate better now. I'm happier because I feel alive and normal. There are many other benefits I experienced too.

Before Royal Velvet, I thought I was on my last days because I just didn't know what else I could do or take. Now thanks to Royal Velvet, I'm able to live a more normal, happier life while taking care of my 8 month and 4 year old daughters.

Thanks so much!

David Pipkin - Florida

My name is David from Orlando and I am 47 this month. I started taking Royal Velvet and over the last 10 months. I have experienced more muscle mass more easily (when working out) and have lost at least 60% of my grey hair.

The main reason I am writing this is that in August I fell 26 feet and although I did break my wrist, forearm and fractured my pelvis, I should have been injured much, much worse. I am actually thankful that I am alive and not paralyzed.

Because of this incident I discovered that my bone mass density was that of a much younger man. It is my belief that Royal Velvet had helped my body to build up my bones and along with luck and the grace of God is part of the reason that I am alive and also well along and ahead in my recovery today. I love this product and so do a few friends of mine.

John Sepian - Anchorage, AK

I remember when I was 28 years old. I started to workout after a long break. I had a workout partner at the time that was 21 years old. I hate to say it, but I'm not the same man I was 7 years ago.

So I began to workout again. Wow, my old shoulder injury hurt. My back hurt, and my knees were killing me. (I am an ex-wrestler.)

So I upped my dosage of Royal Velvet from 2 servings of 3 sprays to 3 sprays 8 times per day. After 2 weeks I was almost as strong as him. My dumbbell bench press went from 30 to 45 lbs in two weeks. I also remember doing sprint intervals on the treadmill. I got exhausted. But after very short breaks between them it seemed I recovered real fast to do more. I took pills and potions in the past.

I stopped taking everything and am going to focus only on Royal Velvet.

Ron Davis

I would like to thank the folks at The Healthy Protocol for selling me what has turned out to be the amazing product for my health's benefit. Royal Velvet in just my first day of usage helped my vision and my mental clarity. It worked on my wife the first day also. I have been using melatonin for sleep issues and St. John's Wort for anxiety issues, both that I no longer need after just 2 days on Royal Velvet. I now get in a deep sleep, quality sleep like years ago, every night.

I am a former athlete in power lifting and still have a tremendous amount of muscle mass at age 56. I still remain very active, but have lost a great deal of my energy level due to age, however, with Royal Velvet use in just one week my energy level and muscles feel 20 years. younger. I have suffered from heartburn for over 30 years. and have needed the use of an allergy otc medicine for the same time period also, but in just one week, no longer have need of either. I have had a slightly high diastolic reading (90-95) for the past 5 yrs., but now my reading is just at 85 in just one week. I believe that my body is actually going through a healing process at this time and will write back in a month or so to reveal what I am sure will be even more health improvements. To me the most important aspect of Royal Velvet, besides that it works, is, that there is NO KNOWN ill side effects.

John Woodruff

Thank you so much. I am a professional firefighter. I unfortunately got hurt while working. I tore my rotator cuff. I had to have surgery so I could use my arm again. Surgery was a success. My shoulder was repaired. I did not take any of their medication they gave me. I took my Royal Velvet 10x per day- 3 sprays under my tongue. I had to start physical therapy. My therapist after the first week told me he has never seen such healing. He said I was well above the curve in terms of healing, strength and flexibility. I flew through physical therapy and moved right to strength therapy. I again flew threw strength therapy. The only thing that held me back was the orders form the surgeon. The physical therapy people would not go beyond that. I did my own physical therapy at home while continuing your Royal Velvet. I am back at work now much faster than my surgeon, doctor and physical therapist ever thought was possible. I believe Royal Velvet sped up my recovery and brought my physical strength and stamina to what it was when I was in my 20's.

Thanks again for this product. I am a true believer.

Danielle Marie

WOW! I am 62 and feeling and looking younger than I have in a very long time since taking Royal Velvet. I went through menopause over 12 years ago and moved from wearing a size 6 to size 10/12. No matter how much I would diet (or try some new way to lose weight), I would only lose a few pounds and then gain them back or even gain a few extra pounds. I was completely frustrated, felt old, tired and somewhat depressed by it all.

Within a few months of taking Royal Velvet I begin to lose weight and more amazingly my body began to change its shape. Every month my waist became smaller and I started to look and feel more like I did 20 years earlier (even better in some ways). My clothes began to get baggy. I decided I go shopping to see what size I actually was. To my amazement I ended up buying a size 4 jean. I was thrilled. Now that I am feeling more energetic and positive I am even motivated to begin to exercise some. I can only say that I feel like a New and improved woman - excited to see how I will continue to improve all areas of my life.

Thank you Royal Velvet for changing my life. No plastic surgery for me. Royal Velvet is a natural, cheaper, safer and healthier solution helping me in all areas of my body for total health!!!


After our trial with my son, I am very proud to tell you that he is a 3x national champion. His stamina and strength are amazing. I give him 2 squirts of Royal Velvet about 5 minutes before each match. One day he wrestled 9 matches and was undefeated. It was truly amazing. Thank you for this amazing product.

Charles Johnston

Although I considered myself "healthy", at 62, I was feeling more than a little "out of whack". I don't see allopathic doctors so I had no way to name my ailments, but common sense told me I was over stressed, under nourished, overweight & constipated. My liver was also probably a little overworked from too much Jack Daniels the preceding 7-8 years -- and my pancreas was most certainly stressed from a diet of too much starchy vegetables & sugary stuff..(breads, coke in the Jack, fries). As a "road warrior" I was living a lot in hotels and subsisting on restaurant food. I had tried 2 competitors Deer Antler with little effect. When I first ordered Royal Velvet within two months I lost weight and felt somewhat better. It's now been 5 months on Royal Velvet. Upon returning home a few weeks ago people are remarking that I have really lost weight. (I did maintain a minimum walking and flexing routine.) I have "energy" to spare for the first time in years! When I look in the mirror I see a younger person. After only 5 months on a minimum dose of Royal Velvet whatever I "had" is gone. I can feel it -- especially once I upped the dosage. I probably was very sick before I started on Royal Velvet...probably so sick that a "doctor" would have labeled it and put me on drugs to "help" me..., which in MY opinion would have led to disastrous results. I feel so fortunate to have been given " the right pieces to the puzzle" with The Healthy Protocol. On top of all this I've now lost my appetite for booze and I am keener than ever to pursue a regular exercise/flexibility routine, eat clean and supplement. Thanks again! To your Health, Wealth & Longevity!

Jeane Bovat

I am TRULY impressed! You are the very first company I have dealt with that has responded to an e-mail in less than 24 hours. I think you are definitely correct about the muscle strength and losing fat. That is becoming more and more evident in my thigh and knee areas.

I have seen improvement in my skin. The small lines in my face are starting to "plump" out and fill in. My husband is losing the dark circles under his eyes and looks more "refreshed". I have been sleeping better, have more energy in the late afternoon and have been able to better focus on my projects.

I believe you have a wonderful product and company and will continue to tell my friends and relatives about you. I have listened to your podcast with Kevin Trudeau (twice) and believe as Kevin says "this is the Fountain of Youth".

Therese Rabel - Denver, CO

From the very first day that I sprayed Royal Velvet it has been perfect!! I have eliminated all my vitamin supplements and bio-identical hormones - it has simplified my health maintenance immensely!! Since I have only been on the product about two and a half weeks it's amazing to me that my food cravings have been eliminated and I have dropped a full dress size!!! I just ordered an extra two bottles just in case I run out!!!


David Westmeier

Just recently, my beard, which is white, (I am 61) began to return to it's former color of a rich dark brown. As well, I photographed my left hand some five months ago. Looking at that photo on my cell phone, I can see a major shift in the coloration of my age spots! I am really pleased with Royal Velvet.

Thank you!

Jerry Clark

I have been using Royal Velvet several months and do notice are markable difference in my physiology. I am a professional bodyworker/ massage therapist for 17 years. At the age 58 1/2 I was declining and Royal Velvet has been very instrumental in my becoming healthier after mid-life changes like hormones and sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle, strength, and function). I am grateful to get this product and glad for the work you are doing.

Suzan Dennis

I have a thirteen year old with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I didn't want him to be put on drugs because I heard about the horrible side effects. Ever since he has been taking the Royal Velvet he has had no problems. His grades have improved and so has his overall attitude.

Angela Ocasio

Royal Velvet has done all that I was unable to do with products I have been trying, since 1985, to improve my immune system (and trying to get rid of the cellulite too). The arthritis pain that caused me to almost be wheelchair bound in the late 1980's has completely gone away while using the Royal Velvet!

Other supplements and major dietary changes had barely kept me going, through all these years of struggle. But none had restored the youthfulness that Royal Velvet is doing to my figure, my skin's elasticity, and the bright glow in my eyes which I lost in my early 20's. I will be turning 48 soon, and my stamina is ten times what it was in my 30's when I dragged myself though my work schedule. I was so sickly in the late 80's that a registered nurse said that I shouldn't be alive because I was so toxic.

Royal Velvet is doing what all those treatments tried to do, pulling out the toxins that block every part of the body, creating health problems. I have suffered with sensitive skin and ultimately skin eruptions from too much yeast in my system all my life. As the cellulite is flushed out, the skin is healing and less sensitive. The Royal Velvet helps give balance to my body and keeps my back aligned.

I have put many athletes on Royal Velvet, and within weeks many report the love handles just go away! After 2 months on Royal Velvet, an athlete in his 30's returned to play ball in my town and he looked 10 years younger! My girlfriend couldn't recognize him from their first meeting in years. If any product could be deemed the fountain of youth, this is it!

God bless you and God Bless Royal Velvet!

Thank you.

James Allen - Houston, TX

Just wanted to say this product is amazing. I'll cut right to the chase with all the benefits. If anyone has ever seen the movie "limitless" well I feel a little bit limitless on this stuff. First off I have always been pretty healthy, doing cleanses, taking whole food vitamins, etc. But the Royal Velvet just did the job. I lost 20 pounds in 1 & 1/2 months. I didn't even know I was 20 lbs. over weight, and I changed nothing because I was already working out a little and eating healthy. It's just the Royal Velvet brought my body to complete balance. MY LOVE HANDLES WENT AWAY, FINALLY. The energy is unbelievable. As for the mental health. I feel more confident than ever. I have a small business, right now in my business, I am in the field all day and in the office all night, my office work has literally been cut in half and the time it takes during the day to do the physical labor of the business has improved as well, due to the improved concentration and the energy. I would say I have an extra 1-2 hours a day to either build the business more or actually relax for once. Once again thank you for this product. Oh, the sleeping. Well, all I can say is if you want to sleep better than you ever had, you don't need a Tempur Pedic or Serta, just take this stuff. God Bless.

Jules Cayer

This is my second round of using Royal Velvet. I had been using it and found that I felt and acted 15 years younger than I am (66 years). I play tennis and I was playing favorably with people 15 years younger than I. So I thought I would see if Royal Velvet was responsible. After a few months of not taking Royal Velvet, the results were obvious. My fitness and skill levels had receded and I was feeling old.

Now I am back using Royal Velvet and feeling much better (younger). I highly recommend Royal Velvet to everyone who doesn't want to age. You will not be disappointed with the results.

Gail Schultz

I'd like to tell you what Royal Velvet has done for me. My hair was getting very grey, and my daughter, Samantha, told me that it's getting so grey that I'm looking very old and need to start to dye it. I've never dyed my hair colour, it is totally natural. She is right, it's getting very grey. I started taking Royal Velvet a couple of months ago, and I've noticed that the grey is lessening. It's not as obvious any more. I am very grateful to you and your company for making such an amazing product to help us look and feel younger. I've also lost at least 2 to 3 pounds since taking Royal Velvet as well.

Thank you so much for caring so much about our health and welfare and caring about us. I really appreciate all your efforts.

Louis-Simon Poulin

I received my delivery really quickly and I've been using your product for a week now. It's really amazing. I've seen difference in my skin, my mood and my sexual capacity.

Thank you!!!

Troy Robertson

I just wanted to let you know what has happened since I began taking Royal Velvet. I am 59 years old and my hair had turned grey. It is now back to the normal color it was when I was in my 40's! Also, I look 20 years younger. The wrinkles on my face have faded away. People think I have had a face lift! I have so much more energy than I can ever remember. I can't believe all this has happened just because of one product. I hope Royal Velvet will always be available.

Zach Caswell

My name is Zach Caswell and I have been using your product for a few months now and I have nothing bad to say about Royal Velvet. This supplement has really helped me with my sleeping patterns and ability to train at a higher level. There is a group of 6 of us who compete in Crossfit and Jiu-Jitsu competitions on an international level. We really enjoy spreading the word of Royal Velvet and we want to make sure other people understand its benefits.

Pam Humphrey

I have been on Royal Velvet for about 2 1/2 months. I have not felt this good in 20 years. In the past, I would wake in the mornings, and could hardly walk. My knees, ankles, shoulders and head hurt. I had sinus problems, no energy, and was slowly getting depressed. I thought I am only 53 years old, what will it be like at 73, if I even make it to that age? It is hard to put into words how I feel now. I feel wonderful with no aches and pains, no headaches, and no depression. I feel just GOOD.

I have been real thin for the last 35 years, my husband griped at me to eat. I would get hungry and try to eat and my stomach would start hurting. Now I am eating like a normal person and I have gained 3 pounds. I am sure that would scare some people off. But my husband gains weight by looking at food and he has lost some weight, so we are both doing well in that area.

My husband had all my same symptoms and more. He also had sleep apnea and allergies. He now sleeps all night, gets up energized, has no aches and pains in the knees or ankles and his allergies are almost gone.

We all look and act like different people. I wish I could put into words how I feel but I happen to be terrible at expressing it in words.

I Thank God for leading me to you. Thanks and God Bless You!

Monroe Duncan

I am a 59 year old white male. I have been on Royal Velvet for 5 months. When I started the Protocol, my hair was totally white and the skin on my face was very rough and leathery, (from being out in the sun a lot). After about 6 weeks, I began to notice a slight change in the color of my hair. A few strands of hair was black like it was in my younger days. As a few months passed, my hair became darker and darker to a point now where it is about 70% of its original color. The change in the feel of the skin on my face also has changed over this 5 month period. It has changed from being very dry and rough to being very soft and supple. I am looking forward to the months ahead and the continuing changes in the rest of my body. I know I can't live without the Royal Velvet! Thanks.

Helen Murdock

I started taking Royal Velvet a month ago. I have been experiencing regrowth of my hair in two areas where I had alopecia on my scalp. My mother had this and so does my sister. I have already begun to share this wonderful experience with others. Thank you so much!

Gary Harmon

I am a power lifter. I have purchased a dozen bottles of Royal Velvet from you. The Velvet gives me an incredible competitive edge. When I am not taking it, I can really notice a difference. When I take a double dosage for several days, I am able to do heavier lifts than I have ever been able to do. I just recently went through a divorce and the Royal Velvet helped me mentally with the stress. Thanks.

Manju Ahmed

I wish to express my gratitude for the Royal Velvet which I have been taking for almost a year. Many of my health conditions have been restored, renewed, or revitalized! As you know, over 20 years ago I was in an accident that severed my spinal cord. I have been wheel chair bound those decades and have struggled to get back some of my health.

Some of the problems that Royal Velvet has greatly helped are:

1) Joint problems in my fingers and shoulders.
2) Blood pressure
3) Legs that have been paralyzed for decades are experiencing renewed strength!
4) Overall a better attitude.

I thank you for promoting such a life-changing product. God bless you!

Sean J Vallie

I am satisfied with the Royal Velvet and have been taking the product for quite a while now.

Jeff Gates

3 days into the use of Royal Velvet has made my seasonal hay fever dissipate. Very impressed so far!

Shawn Martinson

Thanks for supplying me with Royal Velvet! I have not slept so consistently in years. I have referred at least three of my friends already.

Glorianne Giovannelli - Ireland

I would like to let you know that I am experiencing incredible and instant results from your Royal Velvet, and I absolutely love the product!

Ronnie Hood - Las Vegas, NV

I have been using your Royal Velvet for more than 6 months now and really love it.

Yasuo Nishizaki

Thank you for making such a wonderful product available for us! I love the product, and I've felt significant increase of my energy since I started it.

Mike Sondgeroth- Wasilla, AK

Royal Velvet is great stuff! I was on it for a while but been off for about a month. I can feel the effects of not being on it.

Joshua Suits

Who knew as a Parkour athlete that I would end up getting a HUGE bang on my workouts! Royal Velvet is such an amazing product. I can do more and feel more then ever before!

Tom O'Malley

So far Royal Velvet is working very well. I can walk up a flight of stairs with out a pain in my knee or my hip.

Susan Cowan

I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (Adult ADD). The Royal Velvet has helped me a lot. I can't thank you enough.

Marilyn Gonder

I am 68 years old and have had chronic fatigue for 25 years. I am always depressed and have muddled thinking. I have been diagnosed with candida. I also have insomnia. Ever since I started taking Royal Velvet everything is getting better. I am even sleeping better.

Sheree Fabian

I have been using Royal Velvet since May 2002. My energy has increased and my depression has decreased. Many of my aches and pains have gone away. I appreciate all the education you have given me. You put all the bits and pieces together. Thank you.

Ray Wolf

My wife and I have been using Royal Velvet for about nine months now. Our overall health is noticeably better with fewer headaches and less allergy symptoms. I want to thank you for showing us an alternative to conventional medicine.


Sandra Brandt

I have been on this Royal Velvet since November. My energy has increased, I require less sleep, and my skin looks 100% better. I have lived with much depression and that has decreased quite a bit. I can't wait for my husband to get on board.

Dana Williams

Am I doing ok? Still losing weight? Feeling better? Have more energy? Yes, to all of the questions! I don't think I have ever felt better or more healthy in all my life! Royal Velvet is incredible!


I have been taking your Royal Velvet for 5 months and have seen some tremendous results. I no longer have the arthritis pain. And I have noticed that my muscle tone is so much better. I have lost all that fat, especially around my waist. I Am the most muscular I have been in decades. I also have lots of energy and sleep better too. Thanks.

Virginia Swanwick

I had extreme problems with Fibromyalgia and sleepless nights. I started using Royal Velvet approximately 1 & 1/2 years ago. I am now 98% free of pain and sleep very well at night.

Gloria Jackson

I'm in my late 70's and have osteoporosis. The doctors said I have no cushion in my hands or feet. The pain has been unbearable. The Royal Velvet has helped alleviate a lot of the pain and discomfort. Thank you!

Helen Schneider

Since using Royal Velvet I do not have the back/muscle pain that would wake me up on a almost nightly basis. I have been using Royal Velvet for a little over two months.

B. McDonald

I have suffered with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years. The pain has been so unbearable that I have contemplated suicide at times. I have cried out to the Lord daily for help and have never received any relief from the doctors, until I started taking your Royal Velvet. I can now say that I feel better than I have in decades (I am in my 70s). I thank God for Royal Velvet and for you and all the help you have been to me.

Carol Bryan

The Royal Velvet has given me so much more energy, I can hardly believe it. My nails are stronger too. The horrible pain I have with my fibromyalgia has lessened noticeably.


My husband has had progressive dementia and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a couple years ago. I have diabetes. We both have improved by taking your Royal Velvet. Keep up the good work.

Mae Cunningham

My husband has been suffering from Parkinson's and had been getting worse as time goes by. After starting on the Royal Velvet he has seen some improvements. He also seems to have more energy and feels better overall.

Robert Henderson

I am a type 2 diabetic. I am 73 years old. Royal Velvet has really helped with my symptoms.

Beulahmae Perrin

You know that I am 78 years old and have lots of problems. I have taken thyroid medication for 60 years! I have scoliosis in my left leg and my foot drops. Ever since I started taking Royal Velvet I have continually gotten better. Thank God that you make Royal Velvet. I don't know what I would do without it.

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