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Sinol Headache Nasal Spray is a clinically proven, doctor recommended all natural remedy guaranteed to deliver relief from Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Sinus and PMS Headaches. Finally, a simple all natural solution that really works.

Sinol Headache Relief! Eliminate Migraines, Sinus, Cluster, Tension and PMS Headaches in Minutes without Harsh Side Effects!
Sinol is the best, fastest working, most effective over the counter Headache Relief Remedy on the market. This product is backed by the New York Allergy & Sinus Center along with Leading Headache Clinics around the World .

Clinical research and our vast customer base show an extremely high efficacy rate for migraine headache, sinus headache, cluster headache, tension headache and menstrual headache sufferers. Hospitals, Universities and Clinics around the world are using capsaicin for chronic headache patients with outstanding results.

Sinol Nasal Spray Works Much Faster Than Oral Medication "Intranasal medications for the treatment of headaches are significantly more effective than by digestive means.-" Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY

I am a 52 year old woman has been suffering from migraines for 25 years. I have been looking at different clinical studies surrounding migraine headaches and came across a study completed by the New England Center for Headaches. They had used “capsaicin” (the extract from peppers) to relieve headaches on migraine patients. I then “Googled” capsaicin and their Sinol was just waiting for me. Your product is a miracle. When I feel a headache coming on I use your nasal spray and my headaches have subsided. I now use your product daily and my migraines have basically vanished. I have told everyone I know about your wonderful product, thank you so much." -
Emily, Chicago, IL

Are you taking prescription medication for your headaches? If you use prescription medications for your headache relief, you are probably paying too much for a headache remedy that is significantly delayed during the acute phase of the attack. Headache sufferers everywhere are benefitting from this amazing all natural headache remedy that utilizes a more effective delivery method than pills or liquids. The active ingredient Capsaicin is the pain control element in our product. Naturally found in spicy foods, it helps to desensitize the sensory neurons for quick pain relief without the side effects brought on by prescription medications.

"Dear Sinol Customer Service, I use to get severe migraine headaches. Your product was first introduced to me last summer by a friend who has horrible allergies and continually boasts about Sinol. While we were on vacation with our families one of my headaches began. My friend pulled out the Sinol and I actually refused it. The thought of putting pepper up my nose to stop a headache seemed ridiculous and a bit frightening. As the pain increased I asked her for the bottle and sprayed it deep into each nostril. Let me first say, that I am generally a person that is not sold easily since I grew up in Brooklyn and when my headache went away in a matter of minutes I believed it was some other force that made the pain disappear. Weeks later I called my friend, got your web address and ordered your Sinol Headache nasal spray. I have ordered, as you know, 6 times in the last 8 months and if I didn’t experience the magic myself I wouldn’t believe it. Remarkable product with remarkable results."- Jean Stein, Rhode Island

How Sinol Headache Relief Nasal Spray can help you be headache free in minutes!
Headache pain can be stifling, often incapacitating and certainly a handicap when suffering from chronic headaches. The most common types of headaches, including migraine headaches, are caused when blood vessels surrounding the eyes and forehead begin to spasm. High blood sugar levels typically from sweets or alcohol, high hormone levels surrounding the monthly cycle in females along with stress hormones produced in the adrenal glands, can trigger a migraine attack. Sinol is the all natural headache remedy you need to quickly relieve your headache symptoms. The capsaicin in Sinol relaxes the blood vessels to quickly relieve your headache pain in minutes.

The clean all natural ingredients in Sinol each perform a specific task in relieving headache symptoms making it one of the most sought after natural headache remedies for immediate relief.

Because Sinol is all Natural it can be used liberally. Sinol works best when headache symptoms first occur. For powerful headaches you may have to spray 2-3 times in each nostril. Most headaches will subside in under 20 minutes. Get relief from migraine headaches, sinus headache, cluster headaches, tension headaches.

Hi, I work at the answering service and I would like to tell you that your product is AMAZING!!! I had the worst headache yesterday when I got to work, and Ilene was showing the other girls Sinol. So I told her that I had a headache so she told me to try your product and I did. I could feel it working immediately and after 10 minutes my headache was gone. Then today I took it to school to do a report on it. In the middle of telling my class about Sinol I was interrupted and was asked if they can use it so they did and it took their sinus problem away. They asked where they can buy it and how much it costs, I was sold and all my classmates that tried it are sold. I just wanted to let you know that your product is great and I will be purchasing it when I can. Thanks." - Elyse Harris (with the answering service) Salt Lake City, UT

How Sinol works

Sinol's main ingredient, Capsaicin, is found in the pepper plant. The Capsaicin in Sinol nasal sprays desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose making them less irritated by airborne particles and allergens, helping to relieve allergies, congestion and headaches fast. Capsaicin prevents allergy triggers while our other all natural ingredients keep your nasal passages moist, clean and free of bacteria and infection. Sinol's combination of Capsaicin and other all natural ingredients is what makes our line of nasal sprays the most highly effective nasal spray on the market today.
The clean, all natural ingredients in Sinol Sinus Nasal Spray relieve sinus symptoms quickly, making it one of the most sought after natural sinus remedies for immediate sinus relief.

"I have suffered from migraine headaches and sinus headaches for the past 23 years. I have used a number of pain killers – prescriptions and over the counter medications. Nothing compares to Sinol. There are no side effects or drowsiness. It works instantly. It has helped my headaches tremendously. I would recommend this product to anyone." -June Appelaniz, Bethel, CT

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Sinol Clinical Studies

Medline – Clinical Trial
Capsaicin is effective Natural Allergy Remedy for psoriasis, pruritus, and cluster headaches.
Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, the University of Chicago, Illinois

Intranasal Capsaicin Reduces Allergic Symptoms

Patients who were challenged with natural capsaicin reported a long lasting relief of symptoms that included rhinnorhea, congestion, sneezing and coughing (this relief was reported to have lasted up to 9 months after treatment).
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Medline – Clinical Trial
It has been suggested that treatment of cluster headache (CH) patients with topical capsaicin may desensitize sensory neurons by depleting the nerve terminals of substance P. We attempted to determine whether capsaicin is effective in aborting CH attacks. Patients in acute cluster were randomized to receive either capsaicin or placebo in the ipsilateral nostril for 7 days. Patients recorded the severity of each headache for 15 days. Headaches on days 8-15 of the study were significantly less severe in the capsaicin group vs the placebo group. There was also a significant decrease in headache severity in the capsaicin group on days 8-15 compared to days 1-7, but not in the placebo group. Episodic CH patients appeared to benefit more than chronic CH patients. These results indicate that intranasal capsaicin may provide a new therapeutic option for the treatment of this disease.
Clinical Immunology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 92114.

Medline – Clinical Trial
Intranasal medications for the treatment of headaches is significantly more effective than by digestive means.Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY,

Medline – Clinical Trial
Intranasal Civamide (capsaicin) solution at a dose of 50 microg may be modestly effective in the preventive treatment of episodic cluster headache.
Michigan Headache Pain and Neurological Institute

Medline – Clinical Trial
Based upon the results of this study, intranasal civamide may be effective in the acute treatment of migraine headache.Diamond Headache Clinic, Chicago, IL

Medline – Clinical Trial
Finally, repeated applications of the drug to the nasal mucosa result in the prevention of cluster headache attacks. On the basis of this evidence, capsaicin appears to be a promising prototype for obtaining selective analgesia in localised pain syndromes.
Department of Clinical Medicine, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Medline – Clinical Trial
The number of spontaneously occurring migraine attacks was significantly reduced in the 60 days after the end of natural capsaicin treatment.
Institute of Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Florence, Italy

A 2002 report in the Archives of Neurology reported the use of natual capsaicin nasal spray to treat cluster and migraine headaches.[11] Capsaicin depletes substance P and may represent a new treatment for this painful condition.
Robert Baldor, MD University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Wall Street Journal – Pepper Unclogs Sinuses
“Since capsaicin desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose, it make them less irritated by airborne particles helping to relieve congestion. We pepper our patients regularly using a solution of saline, ethanol and capsaicin.”
J.S. LaCroix – Research Scientist University Hospital, Geneva