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Very Impressive Before and After Pictures
Amar, a family man and small business owner, suffered with psoriasis all his life. He first noticed the dry patches on his skinDermaSOLVE before and after pictures DermaSOLVE before and after picturewhen he was 13 years old. These dry patches became red and itchy and in some cases even scaly. After a visit to his doctor he was diagnosed with psoriasis. His doctor prescribed a topical steriod solution that helped releive the symptoms for a period of time. However, long term use of steriod products can be harmful to the body. So Amar tried everything from cortisone products to creams and lotions that contained tar and zinc with little to no success. He even tried mudd bathes in local lakes. Then he decided to try – Dermasolve. Since the psoriasis covered a large portion of his arms and legs he began by using the Dermasolve Cream and Bodywash. He said the product was easy to use and wasn't greasy or smelly like other product he had tried. In just 8 weeks the results were remarkable. Amar said he tried Dermasolve because the company offers a 60 day moneyback guarantee on the product.

Amar: “I tried many creams and pills but over the last 10 years my body became covered with psoriasis. I was embarressed to wear t-shirts and shorts and I kept my body covered up when I went out.”
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Using DermaSOLVE by L'avenir
DermaSOLVE by L'avenir-before and after pictures
What People Are Saying About DermaSOLVE...
For years I have suffered from severe psoriasis on my elbows and knees. I have tried everything from over the counter products to prescriptive drugs. I was forced to wear long sleeve shirts and pants year-round to hide this ugly skin fungus. Thanks to DermaSOLVE after only 8 weeks the fungus is almost completely gone.
-M schwartz

My son came in the house shouting, Mom, where's that miracle cream? We originally purchased DermaSOLVE for a chronic skin rash that he gets from eating various foods. Now we use it for everything from cuts and burns to chapped lips.
-T Wiscovith, Graphic Artist

I Just wanted to say thank you for making DermaSOLVE cream, It is wonderful! Has anyone ever mentioned it's great for dry skin too? The rough calluses on my feet are nice and soft. No more tearing my pantyhose when I put them on!
M. Shower

I tried a million different products because of my psoriasis, nothing ever worked and I've spent a fortune. The first time I used DermaSOLVE I saw imrpovement that very same day. I really do love it, it's the only thing that I put on my face. I've been using it happily now for 3 years and wouldnt be without it.
Carole Most, CA

I have been to dermatologists and have used various prescription creams for my psoriasis problem and none have worked as fast as DermaSOLVE.
E Humphrey

I am a vocational education Cosmetology teacher. For years I have suffered with the constant embarrassment of psoriasis. I went to a dermatologist who put me on antibiotics. I had little to no success with any product until I found DermaSOLVE. DermaSOLVE wonderfully conditioned my skin, the itching stopped immediately and in a few short days the red bumps started to disappear. I would apply my normal cosmetics I used everyday over DermaSOLVE.
S. Scali


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