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Why Iceland Health?

Iceland is home to the world’s longest-living population

Iceland, an island, no larger than Kentucky, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, is home to one of the world’s longest-living population. These people not only outlive their American counterparts by nearly five years, but also have seemingly been spared many of the debilitating and deadly diseases that plague other western cultures, with lower instances of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, Alzheimer, dementia, stroke and sudden death.

As a result, the Icelandic people have become a sort of medical marvel, if you will. Its population has long been the focus of countless studies, all seeking a scientific explanation as to why Icelanders live longer and healthier than most of the rest of the world.

The Icelandic Secret?

Fish, a century-old staple of the Icelandic diet, best explains the population’s widespread health, studies found. Iceland’s waters are full of nutrition-packed fish, such as cod, salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel. These wild fish that the Icelandic eat so religiously are rich with omega 3, a required nutrient, which most of the Western world does not consume enough of.

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